Juice Bar, Lululemon and a RIDE Studio? Meet Dublin's Newest Gym

The space cost upwards of €2 million to complete. 

The space cost upwards of €2 million to complete. 

This month, Perpetua Fitness – proprietors of a CrossFit gym on Windmill Lane – will launch a new 'premium fitness venue to the city' which cost some €2 million to complete.

The new venue, which promises to 'raise the stakes in Irish fitness', will feature high-end studio spaces, work out areas and new concepts in fitness classes. The venue will also boast a healthy eatery and juice bar, fitness retail spaces and bespoke therapy suites.

Michael and David Price, the gym founders have formulated the gym, offering to ensure fitness seekers receive the highest quality experience possible.

Offering both membership packages including a fully kitted out gym, bespoke RIDE and SWEAT studios with classes including Ride 45 and Tread and Shred, along with drop-in packages, Perpetua’s mission is to deliver an experience that suits each individual’s own goals and requirements in an exciting fresh space that is unlike any other fitness outlet in Ireland.

"We’ve always brought something different to the fitness industry in Ireland," Michael said ahead of the new opening.

"We were one of the first to introduce CrossFit to Dublin 2007. We constantly look for ways to innovate. Gyms in Ireland over the years have become formulaic. We’re looking to break that mould and introduce a new workout experience.

"Everything from the design to the class structure and gym layout has been thought through in fine detail resulting in a premium experience that will be unlike anything else in Ireland."

Carefully considered design and high-end fitness have formed a huge part of the thinking
behind the development of the space.

This includes plush changing facilities, bespoke RIDE and SWEAT rooms which feature a top class lighting and sound system and bespoke retail spaces that will host premium brands like Lululemon.

The gym is open to the public from 19 March with a variety of membership and drop in options available. For more details, check their website

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