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The Post-Wedding To-Do List Everyone Forgets To Tell You About

Keep the post-wedding blues at bay by being productive instead...

What is there to do after you say 'I Do!'? Well, lots actually. 

The long list of responsibilities and tasks for a couple leading up to their Big Day is well discussed, but once you're married though, then what? 

If you fear a post-wedding anticlimax, instead of putting off the inevitable, use your newlywed excitement as fuel to complete these post-wedding to-dos and don't let momentum slip until they're done... or at least until you can look forward to your Paper anniversary. 

Scroll on to see some post-wedding To-Dos that'll keep the blues at bay. 

Collect All of Your Keepsakes

Not that your going forget your Big Day after it's just happened, but creating a memory box stuffed full of takeaways and keepsakes from the wedding itself will be something you can cherish forever. 

Enlist a bridesmaid or guest to save things like small flowers from your bouquet, confetti pieces, the menu, photobooth memorabilia etc throughout the day and keep them all in a box you can look at year after year.

Also, be sure to print your wedding photos. It can be daunting to choose from the thousands the photographer is likely to send over, but the deliberations will be well worth it when you have physical copies to look at. 

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Get to the bank with any wedding gift cash

Mostly, as it's not ideal to keep large amounts of cash or even cheques lying around, but also, because it's a good incentive to update your banking details to reflect your newlywedded status and name-change*. 

*if that's what you have chosen to do - to each, their own. 

Also, while at the bank, ask about the benefits of compound interest. While keeping finances separate can be the norm for couples, combining your funds in one savings account (and not touching it for a while) can lead to great to greater interest accumulation.

 Update your medical benefits and insurance 

Be sure to review your benefits as a couple and decide if it makes sense to consolidate into one health insurance plan. It's also a good time to update your beneficiaries in your workplace insurance plans and retirement accounts if it isn’t already set as your partner.

Don’t forget to inquire about family discounts when looking into combining your benefits or insurance accounts too. 

Write Thoughtful Thank Yous

This can be an easy or difficult task, depending on the size of your wedding, but it is best to start while all is still fresh in your memory. A good approach to writing thank yous is to write a few cards each day, being mindful that they should all ideally be sent within three to four months of the wedding. 

Top tips from those in the know include: on opening a gift, pencilling the present that was given inside each wedding card so as not to forget who gave what; for those who gave cash or a cheque as a gift, make purchases before writing their thank you cards so that you could tell them what they bought you; writing personal wedding moments in your notes to each of the guests. 

Set your goals as a team 

You may well already both have your personal five-year plans set out, but now that you're all the way invested in each others' future, it's the perfect time to discuss longer-term goals together. 

To get started, consider the below 

  • Where do I want to be in life in six years?
  • What do I want to have accomplished before then? 

Look at both of your timelines and map out a plan for making your dreams a reality. 

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