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Competition Closed: WIN A HP Tango Printer And Print Your Photos For Free!

Because Sometimes Reality Is Better Than Insta

Instagram might be ideal for displaying your memories in a virtual setting, but what about when you want to see those moments in their fully coloured, photographic glory? Enter to WIN a HP Tango Printer and you can do just that.

Maybe you want to print your photos for a scrapbook or scan an important document you forgot you needed (it happens to the best of us).

Either way, you’ll need a sleek, smartphone-ready printer to do the job for you; one that prints at the touch of a button, from anywhere, without you needing to even think twice - or about
whether you’ve run out of ink or not.

And how about one that also allows you to print photos via your phone for free? The HP Tango Smart Home Printer and Instant Ink plan mean you can do all this in just a few simple steps.

What exactly does the HP Tango Smart Home Printer do?

The HP Tango Printer - of which Irish Tatler is giving five away to lucky readers below - is designed as a smart printer to sync to all your devices, be it a tablet or a mobile. Always on the go? Don’t worry, HP Tango handles print and scanning jobs from anywhere with a quick tap, swipe, or voice command – be it from a coffee shop or a friend's house – via its remote wireless printing feature.

And thanks to its voice-activation function, if you’re multi-tasking there’s no need to stop what
you’re doing - you can print high-quality photos or documents via your mobile completely hands-free (HP Tango works with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Home), all using the HP Smart app.

What happens if I run out of ink?

There’s nothing worse than seeing a flashing out of ink message, especially if you need documents printed sooner rather than later. Thankfully, with HP’s Instant Ink plan, you’ll never have to worry about running on empty again.

Simply sign up before or during printer setup, choose a monthly plan that suits you (plans start
at €2.99 for 50 pages - you are billed for the pages you print, rather than the ink you use) and
HP Tango will automatically order and deliver ink cartridges direct to your door BEFORE you run out. Tip: use the HP Smart App to keep an eye on ink levels.

How can I print photos for free?

Only with the HP Tango Printer, can you print photos free of charge; those who
enrol in HP Instant Ink plan will not be charged for photos printed on photo paper size 13 x
18cm or smaller from their smartphones and tablets. Tango will know when you print photos from a mobile device. When printing these photos, the prints are not counted against the number of pages in your enrolled plan. The only conditions are that you must print from an
Android™ or iOS® device and you must have an active HP Instant Ink account with a paid plan.

Happy printing!

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