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Go Green Or Go Home: 4 Easy Ways To Practice Sustainable Living

Inspiring us all to live greener, cleaner lives

… And all from your own (soon to be eco-friendly) doorstep.

It’s easier than you might think to inject a little more eco-friendliness into our daily lives. Sustainability is a concept that can come with a reputation for being overly complicated but according to Pat Kane, founder of one-stop, minimal-waste lifestyle shop reuzi, it’s about taking small steps that will make a big difference to the environment we live in.

Here she shares her top tips for getting that sustainability ball rolling, right on your doorstep.    

Start with simplicity

First, sit down and map out your routine, identifying what I call ‘pain points’ - those moments during a day when you generate waste. From there, it’s easy to select the first area you want to improve. You could start ‘Out & About.’ Think a reusable water bottle, reusable coffee cup, reusable cutlery and snack bags. Start with the areas you know you will be able to fix quickly.

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Small steps mean big differences

Starting with yourself: Put together a little ‘sustainable living kit’ with stuff you already own and carry it around. A fork, a spoon and a knife, a reusable water bottle and a canvas tote bag are easy to carry around.

If you look at your kitchen, use reusable cloth wipes rather than kitchen roll or wet wipes (pure plastic!), install a tap filter (or use charcoal sticks to filter tap water – it tastes delicious, trust me!), reduce food waste (don’t overbuy food and try preserve your food for longer), learn the rules of recycling and learn about composting. You can even try to DIY a few cleaning products – Lemon, White Vinegar and Baking Soda can do wonders!

When it comes to bathroom routines, swap shower gel and shampoo bottles for bars, swap plastic toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes and give the menstrual cup a go. A woman goes through over 11k disposable menstrual products in a lifetime. It’s either that or five menstrual cups… it’s a no-brainer!

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Misconceptions must be talked about

I see a lot of people thinking that sustainability is a ‘fad’ They buy a cute water bottle without really understanding the bigger picture. If people knew that every day in Ireland we consume 220k plastic water bottles and that they are not always recycled, you would look at that cute bottle with different eyes. After all, who wants to be part of the problem?

There’s also an issue around it being difficult and expensive. I always advise people, start with what you already have at home – and going back to cutlery, everybody has cutlery at home! It’s just a matter of remembering to carry a set around. The same goes to shopper bags, bottles and mugs.

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Focus on specifics, and master those first

Since founding reuzi, I have learned over time that focusing on a specific area and really mastering it is always better than trying a ton of different things at the same time. A few of the initiatives we successfully implemented at our house involved banishing fast-fashion and investing in less but good quality, long-lasting items, spending less on gifts, for example, and more on experiences as well as implementing meat-free weekdays and it’s a roaring success!

At reuzi, we want to inspire and empower everyone to live an earth-friendly, low waste, plastic-free lifestyle. Sustainability should feel normal. We believe that sustainability can be colourful and fun and we want to help everyone take one extra step towards sustainable living – whether that means helping them get their first stainless steel straw to providing the tools and knowledge to transform their entire grocery shopping routine.

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