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RHA X, Where Art And Fashion Meet, Launches Today

The Royal Hibernian Academy will provide the capital with a ground-breaking fashion and art collaboration.

The first in a series of immersive installations – entitled 'RHA X' – kicks off today! 

The Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) is expanding the city’s exciting cultural calendar by producing a series of immersive art installations with some big names to fill the books. 


RHA X, Sponsored by IPUT Real Estate Dublin, the first of its kind – which launches today, 15 November – will see world-renowned fashion designer, Roland Mouret, and the acclaimed Irish-based visual artist, Dragana Jurišić, present an 'innovative international art experience', which will then continue to evolve year on year.

It has been dubbed:

an intersection between cultures, perceptions, aesthetics and art forms, inviting the audience to connect through a shared immersive experience.

Roland Mouret Comes To Dublin

The launch event is a gala fundraiser which will see the installation animated personally by Roland and Dragana for special ticket holders. The installation will then continue with performance artists in their roles and run through Sunday 17 November.

A Q&A session – which will touch on themes of identity, what it means to feel known, how the act of creating can transform both the artist and those experiencing the work, and how these concepts influenced the RHA X collaboration – will also take place with both artists on Saturday 16 November. 

Roland Mouret

“This is the first time in my life that I’m using my creative mind purely as a creative and not a fashion designer," Roland Mouret said, ahead of the project. 

"The journey is very exciting.”

Adding to this, Dragana Jurišić, said “I felt immediate kinship meeting Roland, perhaps because we are both, in many ways, outsiders.

"This project reflects on our personal accountability, not just in relation to our own private lives, but also for the increasingly uncertain future we are hurtling towards.”

Dragana Jurišić

RHA X is open to the public on Saturday, 16 November, from 11am - 5pm, and Sunday, 17 November from 12pm - 5pm, with free admission. For tickets and more, click here

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