Rihanna Has Finally Revealed Details About Her Love Life

The notoriously private star has opened up in her latest Vogue interview.

She may not have released an album... But Rihanna is spilling tea. 

Robyn 'Rihanna' Fenty has acknowledged that she does indeed have a man, in an interview for the November issue of Vogue.

“Yeah, I’m dating,” the mogul admitted. “I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy."

Though the identity of the man in question was kept under wraps, those who have been following the timeline of Rihanna's relationships know that she is likely referring to Hassan Jameel, a 31-year-old Saudi businessman.

Over the course of the past few years, Rihanna has been photographed at basketball games with Jameel, on holidays with his family in Italy, and even seen dining at a Santa Monica restaurant with her mum in tow. 

Rihanna also confirmed that she wants kids, “Without a doubt," which is something she has slyly hinted at before. In 2018 she told Vogue, “I’m not gonna be able to take my eyes off my kid. I know that already about myself. They’re going to have to force me to hire a nanny.”

This follows the figurative statement she gave about giving birth while on the red carpet last month during her annual charity event known as the Diamond Ball.

"I'm a black woman. I come from a black woman who came from a black woman who came from a black woman and I'm going to give birth to a black woman," she said.

"That's who I am. It's the core of who I am in spirit and in DNA. And I always stand up for what I believe in and who I love and who I know, who I respect."

Many took that quote and ran with it as a confirmation of pregnancy, though that certainly is not the case with Rihanna right now.

She is too busy creating a myriad of other things right now – a career-spanning autobiography that she plans to release this autumn, her ninth studio album that fans have been waiting for for nearly four years, and her thriving beauty, lingerie and fashion lines. 

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