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Now, More Than Ever, Mums Need Self-Care Too

While taking care of your family, don’t forget to take care of yourself too

You shouldn't feel guilty for needing some mummy-time...

Now look, we all know – all of us...not just those of us who are raising the next generation – that we need to look after the planet and make a difference in our corners of the world. Reuse, recycle, all that jazz. It’s something that we have to do and make sure the baby sharks see us doing it, making it second nature to them.

But, indulge me, I’m going to come at sustainability from a left of field approach.

As well as the planet, a tired mama bear needs sustaining too or else the whole house of cards could come down, am I right? I’m in the deep end with a busy, busy time of it and thus I feel it increasingly important that I find ways to keep myself going. God forbid himself would come home some evening and I’d be knee-deep in laundry, crying, giving out that I used to be hot.

I mean, the tiredness itself is outstanding when babies are involved. One of these days I will arrive into work in my pyjamas, not out of stand-alone fashion sense (although I like to think I could pull that off) but just because the ball will finally be dropped.

So, quickly before it really does all go a bit Titanic, I need to find a way to sustain my body, mind, relationships, and tolerance for stepping on Lego before I go beyond the point of no return and people just whisper, ‘Man she’s let herself go,’ as I pass.

Number one and of utmost importance.

Hang out with your friends. On a regular basis. Meet up with those chicas that get you and sit around drinking wine and having a right aul’ rant about all the hoo-hah you have to put up with. Eat way too much cheese and keep having one for the road. It’s truly marvellous. My (oh God, I was actually going to type girl gang. Sweet Lord above.) girlfriends, meet up at least every two weeks. That's what I call true rant-mance. 

Next, a pure hot potato.

Necessary after three kids and because, somehow while I wasn’t looking, I ended up slap bang in the mid-forties. There is no escaping the fact that I have to work out. And, to be clear, I am not a fan. No matter how many times I go to the gym, I have not yet found this nirvana ‘they’ speak of where the results you see outweigh, the total and utter HATRED of the place. However, I continue to go in an attempt to nourish my body and mind. It does balance out the red wine and cheese situation...

Let’s move onto something way nicer.

Shopping. Even if it’s solely buying clothes for the offspring, I still get the same buzz. And you can also make a sneaky left into Zara or & Other Stories while you’re at it: more tricks of the trade for you. Plus, as a sidebar, this is where you can give a nod to the environment and shop brands that do their bit for closing the loop. Every little helps, right?

The best way to go for summer is shorts and tees, no matter what the Irish weather. Because once they go outside they’re all like, ‘Hey look at that tree that I must climb immediately and rip holes in all my clothes so Ma can buy me new ones. Sure, money grows on these things, right?’ NO, IT DOES NOT, SWEET CHILD O’MINE. Avoid covering knees, elbows, wrists...anything that bends really. You’ll save a fortune. I’ve learned that one the hard way.

Last But Not Least

The hardest one to do is left for last, but it may well be the best...Sustain that number one relationship. Date night looms. Or if you are toute seule, wine and candle evening, with lots of good TV. Actually, I’d prefer that to a night out. Either way, listen if you figure out how to pull it off, give me a shout. Me and the main man went out for dinner circa 2009. I think it was a good night. Although that may have been the wine.

Wait, how many times did I mention wine?

That’s it! Wine.
Wine is the answer. Case closed. (Organic)
Bottle opened. 

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This article was originally published in the July issue of Irish Tatler 

Main image by @ashleygraham on Instagram

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