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Hot Girl Halloween: 13 Costumes That Are Equal Parts Hot And Clever

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T-Minus 9 days...

With days of leaving the house without a jacket long behind us, Hot Girl Summer has come to an end and winter is fast approaching. 

It's 2019, and a successful Hot Girl Summer simply must be followed by something that sounds more exciting than plain old "fall" or "autumn." And while we're more than happy to swap an Aperol Spritz for a pumpkin-flavoured beverage, we're not overly thrilled at the idea of swapping our slip midi dresses sans jacket for a turtle neck, jeans, boots, a cardigan and a warm coat. Cue Hot Girl Halloween.

It's egregiously easy to wear a sexy Halloween costume — with the zillions of pre-bagged options out there, from sexy snowmen (white fishnets and sultry carrot nose included!) to a sexy dentist (plunging V-neck scrubs!), you can literally buy the whole kit and kaboodle at once. But to do the sexy costume right is a whole other thing, and for that, we're looking once again to popular culture. 

Whether you choose to dress up as one of the newer film stars or take your sartorial inspiration from your favourite 90s icon, we've rounded up the best sexy Halloween costumes 2019 has to offer - except we like to call it "Hot Girl Halloween". 


Some could argue that Vivian Ward walked so that Hot Girls could run.  All it takes is a white crop top, a blue mini skirt, and black knee-high boots and suddenly you're Pretty Woman. 

Rachel green from friends

Rachel Green was nothing if not the most stylish working woman in New York, at least in the 1990s making her the ultimate hot girl. Over the knee socks, a tartan mini skirt and a white turtle neck? Now, this is a Halloween costume you can wear all season long. 

baby from dirty dancing

Is it just me, or is this "My parents don't know I'm learning to Mambo" ensemble something you'd absolutely see on any influencer's Instagram feed? Denim shorts, a pink bodysuit and white keds just scream Hot Girl Summer.

Christina Aguilera

Thanks to Kylie Jenner impressively detailed recreation of Christina Aguilera's iconic look from her "Dirrty" music video, it's become the immediate choice when dressing up as Xtina for Halloween. And while painted leather chaps with matching bikini top are on-brand for a hot girl Halloween, Lady Marmalade is just that bit, well, hotter. 

Lara croft

When two Hot Girls collide, also known as Hot Girl Inception. Love Island's Molly Mae has embraced the Halloween spirit by embodying Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Cycle shorts? Check. Crop Top? Check. Army boots? Check. All you need now is some leather straps - if your Hot Girl Summer didn't go that way already. 

a Freudian slip

Everyone will think you're the cleverest girl at the party, especially your friends who majored in psychology. Write some of Sigmund Freud's famous terms on simple strips of paper and glue them to that satin slip skirt you wore to death this summer.

RAMONA From Hustlers

One of the most talked-about movies of the year is Hustlers, based on the true story of four strippers-turned-scammers. And one of the most talked-about characters from the movie is Ramona, the leader of the pack played by Jennifer Lopez. (Some people even think Lopez deserves an Oscar for the role.) So, given all that hype, dressing up in a Ramona from Hustlers Halloween costume could be a good way to go this year. A Ramona costume checks all three boxes a pop-culture obsessive needs for their Halloween look: She's recognizable. She’s current. Her outfits are surprisingly easy to recreate. Oh, and it's hot girl approved. 

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To those unfortunate enough to have never seen A Cinderella Story, this might appear as a generic 'Sexy' Halloween Costume but to us, well, not only is it iconic but it's Hot Girl Halloween. 

FLEABAG from fleabag

Now we know what you're thinking...there's nothing Hot Girl Halloween about a fleabag. Well, thanks to 2019 and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, fleabag has a new meaning that comes with a seal of Hot Girl Halloween approval. A black plunging jumpsuit, red lipstick and cigarette? Easy. And if you have a partner in crime, have them dress up like the priest in season two. 


Most people who want to be Britney will attempt her iconic look from the "Baby One More Time" video. But Hot Girl Halloween is all about doing the unexpected so dare to be different and opt for a red leather jumpsuit and white glitter eyeshadow. 


Did anyone else get chills (and/or cry) while watching Miley perform "Slide Away" at the 2019 VMAs? Miley stans will love her performance outfit: a sexy little black mini dress with heels and a ton of chainlink jewellery. The VMAs was not only her first public appearance at a major event post-breakup but also the first time she made it clear that she is hanging out with Kaitlynn Carter. And yes, they were not afraid to show some PDA. Now, she's dating Cody Simpson in what can only be described as an intense relationship. Miley Cyrus is without doubt having a Hot Girl Halloween. 

Holly Golightly

A cheeky sleeping mask, fringe earrings, and a white shirt? This costume takes less than five minutes to put together and yet oozes Hot Girl Halloween. 


Speaking of the Hot Girl Halloween, there's no better representative for all things 'Hot Girl' than Houston's very own Megan thee Stallion. This costume isn't for the weak of heart (or knees), but if there's any day that it would be acceptable to don a pair ass-less chaps in order to channel your inner hot girl, it's Halloween!

Main image by @kimkardashian on Instagram

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