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Simple Storage Ideas That Will Open Up Your Tiny Kitchen

From countertop showpieces to clever cupboard upgrades.

Having enough space for all the things you need in a kitchen, and having them stored in a manner that doesn't drive you mad, can be difficult. 

From fresh produce and dried goods to utensils and tools, the average kitchen is packed with essentials. If you're low on space, or just want to get a bit more organised with your worksurfaces and storage options, we've rounded up some great additions to help you sort the biggest kitchen nightmares. 

Three tier fruit and veg storage, €26, Next

Wire storage baskets or racks are handy for storing fruit and veg (boosting your chances of using/eating them, we suspect!). This industrial-looking option from Next is pretty stylish and would look even better crammed with fresh produce. It's made from metal too so should last. 

Kitchen trolley with wine rack, €90, Oxendales

If you have the space, a trolley can be a versatile little addition to the kitchen. You can use it as an island if you need more counter space when you're cooking or it can transform a blank wall into extra storage. This option from Oxendales has a drawer, wine rack and solid wooden top.

Royal Botanic Gardens Richmond embossed jar, €16, Kitchen Craft at Brown Thomas

Sometimes one of the best storage options you can go for is a great jar. From storing utensils to tea bags or dry goods, they're extremely handy. This option by Kitchen Craft in Brown Thomas is a classic (and is currently €16 down from €20).

Utensil rail and shelf, €83, Wireworks at Amara

When you're low on counter space, go high. Even the smallest kitchens should have some wall space that can be repurposed. A simple shelf or two can be effective but we love this sleek wooden rail and shelf combo from Wireworks. Made from oak it has five stainless steel hooks, which are perfect for storing bits and pieces on, along with an integrated shelf (with a water-resistant finish).

Jar herb and spice carousel, €99.95, Cole & Mason at Arnotts

We're very taken with this handy 16 jar spice carousel from Cole & Mason. As well as looking pretty cool, it's extremely practical if you use spices and herbs a lot. It comes fully stocked, with the likes of cinnamon, chilli flakes and turmeric, and there's a single layered one available too. 

Cupboard store, €31.50, Joseph Joseph

There can be a lot of wasted space in cupboards but, happily, there are plenty of clever bits and pieces to counteract that. This trio of under-shelf storage containers from Joseph Joseph is quite brilliant. It slots in under a cupboard shelf and is great for storing dry goods, hovering happily above the rest of your cupboard contents. 

 Set of 3 storage tins, €22, Debenhams

Where would we be without the (not so) humble tin? A staple of most kitchens, they have a multitude of uses. If you're shopping around for new ones, go for styles that will look great on a countertop or shelf - you may as well make a feature of them! We like this set from Debenhams which is cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. 

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Main image by Uliana Kopanytsia 

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