Spotify Wrapped Is Back To Bring Shame Upon Us All

Time to judge other people's music taste

It's the most embarrassing time of the year...

What better way is there to stroll down memory lane than to reflect on the bangers of the past decade? Lucky for us, Spotify is dropping its annual end-of-year Wrapped feature — which lets you explore ( my case...confront the embarrassing realities of) your musical preferences of the last year and decade. 

Did you pump Lizzo bangers all year? Did you dive deep on Mozart? Or did you go through My Chemical Romance's back catalogue start-to-finish in a foolish attempt to regain your youth?

OK, maybe that's just me.

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If you want to get in on the Wrapped action, you just need to head to the Spotify Wrapped site and log in to your account. Our picks are grim (we'll get to them later) and we're not ready to discuss just yet. But you might!

If you want to find your personalised playlist – which will show you your top 100 tracks of 2019 then:

  • Go to the Spotify Wrapped site and type in your login details. You'll be able to open the playlist during the slideshow. It really is that simple.

  • Or head to the Spotify mobile app, go to "Search" and you'll find the "Wrapped 2019" card in pretty pink, ready to go.

Sadly, you don't get your own "Best of the Decade" playlist, but one that is shared with a lot of other users. A kind of "curated selection" of the best cuts that will suit you, it appears.

Users across the world are slowly discovering Wrapped and, of course, people are gearing up to discuss their top artists (or not). We asked the Irish Tatler team what their Spotify Wrapped 2019 looked like this year...don't judge okay?

kate demolder, staff writer

"Hook Ariana to my veins."

Listen like Kate:


"I seem to have developed the musical tastes of a teenager in 2019 - Frank Sinatra is still my artist of the year/decade though!"

Listen like Brenda:


"I've listened to 72 hours of The's been a tough year, k?"

Listen like Emma:


"I am both incredibly humble, and obsessed with Beyoncé. What's not to like?"

Listen like Aisling: 

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