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The Best Apps To Help You Live More Sustainably

As with nearly everything in the modern world, there’s an app for that.

Thanks to technology, sustainable living has never been more important and easy to learn.

As the implications of our waste problems ascend to the top of the international news agendas, more and more of us are striving to make #onesmallchange in order to do our bit. 

Switching off lights and being a conscientious recycler is a start, but how can we make a bigger difference?

Whether you need to see how sustainable your favourite fashion brand really is or learn how to grow your favourite herbs or want to know how to reduce your carbon footprint, these eight sustainable living apps are here to help.

Good On You

Making ethical fashion easy, this brand rating app helps you to shop and support sustainable labels around the world through tips, interviews and guides. 

Free on iOS and Android.

Think Dirty

Think dirty, shop clean: this app enables you to scan barcodes and check out the full list of ingredients before you buy. It'll allow you to minimise unwanted chemicals in your products and ensure that there is transparency in your shopping basket. 

Free on iOS and Android.


A young but promising app, JouleBug turn living a more conscious lifestyle into a fun game. By adding badges and socializing with friends, you will be more motivated than ever to turn off the lights in the other room or visit a farmers market. Share your achievements with friends and learn helpful tips along the way. 

Free on iOS and Android.

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This app helps you find veggie and vegan restaurants near you anywhere - trust us, it’s been a saviour on many occasions. Basically, your best friend when travelling. 

Free on iOS and Android.


Use this handy app to find the nearest Refill water stations. With over 600 spots nationwide, if you're armed with your reusable bottle, you'll never have to buy a plastic bottle ever again. 

Free on iOS and Android.


This app automatically allows you to track your impact on the climate with a powerful footprint calculator. Perfect for understanding where you are already doing well and where there is room for improvement - from your home energy and diet to transportation and entertainment choices. 

Free on iOS and Android.


Ever forget to water your fresh herbs on the windowsill? Or don't know the first thing in plant care? Well, Gardenia has got you covered. Not only can you learn about plants before purchasing to see if they would be a good fit for your home or garden, but you can learn about plants you may have been neglecting.

Get notifications on when to water and keep up with the weather to give your little plant babies the happiest life possible. 

Free on iOS and Android.

Recycle Coach

Whether it’s remembering to leave out the green bin or figuring out what’s recyclable, Recycle Coach has your (and the planet's) back. Get customized collection and event reminders by push notification, email, or SMS, find disposal information and set-out instructions for thousands of items in your community and waste less and recycle more with helpful tips and tricks. 

Free on iOS and Android.

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