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Week Two Flew: Team Irish Tatler On Their #30DayChallenge

One Small Change...

A sustainable check-in...

If you've picked up the latest copy of Irish Tatler, you'll be aware that our focus this month is sustainability - and more importantly;  how #onesmallchange can lead us to live more consciously and help save our planet.

We're not here to scaremonger, nor to place blame. We understand it's a huge topic that can seem very overwhelming, so we've broken the topic into bite-size chunks ranging from fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle edits that we hope you'll connect with.

Much like the magazine, we at are hoping that the content we share online over the next few weeks will prove to be educational, but also functional and instructional. Easy, applicable ways to charge up your sustainability efforts when it all feels a little too much. 

From quitting fast fashion to becoming vegan and breaking up with plastic, we at Irish Tatler are proving that we practise what we preach by committing to the #IT30DAYCHALLENGE.

Here's how the Irish Tatler team got on this week...

Sarah Macken, Editor, Irish Tatler Magazine

What's the worst that can happen when you decide you're not allowed to make fast fashion clothing purchases? You crave, you yearn, you downright mentally bankrupt yourself thinking about all the good shit you can buy. Then, something strange happens and your desire for consumption abates somewhat. It's weird, but it actually happens.

Now, don't get me wrong, my nightly Insta-scroll does still fill me with sartorial desire. But it's just that - desire. I no longer feel as much need to act upon it. Am I growing as a sustainably-minded human??! Watch this space.

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Ellie Balfe, Editorial Director

Week two in my personal conscious recycling plan has passed and I happily report that my household recycling habits are, indeed, beginning to embed themselves. I have also been searching out some key information for me and my family on what can, and mainly what cannot be recycled with a clean conscience. Did you know that toothpaste tubes need special treatment so can't be recycled here? Also, a lot of food packaging is made of low-grade plastic that won't recycle (yes, even the harder stuff), and plastic bags are a nightmare for a recycling plant as they don't recycle and can often get caught up in expensive sorting equipment.

So it's a get to know your waste situation around here! 

Yes, it's a bit of a pain - I will be truthful, but humanity is so aware of the danger to our planet now that it just feels insanely irresponsible to not do what you can, with what you have, in the time that's left. 

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Stacey Malaniff, Social Media

This zero plastic thing is almost impossible. I have my reusable bottle, straws, cutlery and bags; I'm avoiding single-use plastic as much as possible in supermarkets. But, I'm running into situations I would never have expected, like decorating silly cardigans for my sister's upcoming hen part party.

Feathers, bows, ribbons, glue, sequences and gems; all packaged in plastic to be thrown straight in the bin. Even looking down at the dozens of party bags prepared by two of the other bridesmaids, I sighed in defeat at the individual plastic bottles, jellies and sashes in each.

This is harder than Instagram makes it look. 

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Emma Blanchfield, Content Creator

I've not eaten meat for 15 days...and much to my surprise, I don't miss it. 

I'm not saying I'm a total convert and once these 30 days are up that I'll never eat a chicken wing again but I genuinely can see it going that way. There are, however, two aspects I'm struggling with:

1. Curing my spice bag cravings (asking for the Chinese to make it without chicken does not count)

2. Failing to feel *full* after meals.

Granted the latter could be down to the fact that my stomach is essentially a bottomless pit and even a meal consisting of five steaks couldn't fill it, but let's be kind and say I'm not the issue. 

So, if any of you fellow veggies out there know of anywhere that makes decent (and I mean decent) vegetarian-friendly spice bags and/or how to feel *full* after eating a vegetable-based curry, please share your wisdom. 

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Check in this time next week to see how the Irish Tatler sustainable challenge held up for week two. And don't forget to join in on the good 'clean' fun and use our hashtag #IT30DAYCHALLENGE, so we can follow to see what small changes you are making.

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