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The Sustainable Influencers We Should All Be Following Ahead Of The Festive Season

Because if you're going to spend time scrolling and tapping, you might as well learn more about how you can save the planet while you're at it.

A conscious follow.

What do you think of when someone says "sustainability"? Hemp? The latest green product? A company trying to greenwash bad behaviour (or justify higher prices)? Polarizing debates over climate change? Or maybe the word evokes clichéd images of Birkenstocks and vegans.

People have used the word sustainability to mean all of these things. However, it seems that as the new year rang in, so did a sustainable point of view. Gone are the days when approaching the topic of climate change was met with eye rolls and smart remarks. Now, we're all shopping less, changing our diets, cutting down on our use of plastic - all in order to help save our planet. 

Although a lot of aspects of our everyday lives are changing for the eco-good, there's one habit we can't quite quit: Instagram. Except now, it's sustainable Instagram. 

Whether it's existing bloggers changing their tone or the new-gen of bloggers focusing on the topic of sustainability from different angles - there's been a rise in sustainable influencers. 

Composting advice. Cutting down on your energy consumption. Embracing a natural skincare routine. Quitting fast fashion. Whatever your #onesmallchange is, these influencers can help. 


A burgeoning pack of stylish women - whether their following is mega or micro - are peddling their influence into the sustainable fashion world. Meet the notable ones from across the globe using their platforms to promote ethical fashion brands, spread eco-conscious messages and encourage users to create a positive impact on the planet.

WHO: @letstalkslow

FOLLOW FOR: The combination of international emerging sustainable brands, fashion tips and travels feature in her posts, all peppered with her optimistic approach.

WHO: @designers_in_the_city

FOLLOW FOR: A pop-up market place for sustainable fashion designers in Ireland. The Instagram account is used solely for the purpose of introducing the designers to their followers. Putting a face to the people who make your clothes adds to the connection and respect you have for your garments. 

WHO:  @theconsciouscut

FOLLOW FOR:  The simplicity of the outfits she displays, which are carefully balanced with interior design inspirations and motivational quotes.


It's no secret that Instagram beauty influencers have been shaking up the industry with wide-ranging representation, bold looks and out-of-the-box-style that challenges the mainstream, conventional beauty. Green beauty influencers are shaking things up even further by making consumers conscious of how the majority of your makeup bag is not only toxic for your skin but the planet too.

WHO: @organicbunny

FOLLOW FOR: Often sporting a bright lip colour, her posts are proof that natural beauty does not have to mean a makeup-free look. She understands that most people don’t have the time to research and personally try every product, so she does the work for you.

WHO: @organicbeautyblogger

FOLLOW FOR: A passion for non-toxic beauty. Inga's feed offers very detailed and practical reviews of a variety of organic beauty products with a particular focus on cost-effectiveness. She also shares tips on how to introduce the products in your everyday beauty regime.

WHO: @jkissamakeup

FOLLOW FOR: Instagram makeup but make it cruelty-free. One scroll through Jkissa's feed and any sustainable stereotype will instantly vanish. Cruelty-free since 2016, she only supports brands that don't test on animals meaning all the looks created on her feed are sustainable. 


For most people, their #onesmallchange takes place at home. Whether it's introducing a compost heap to the back garden, switching to green cleaning products or decorating sustainably, meet the influencers bringing sustainability home. 

WHO: @hellowglowblog

FOLLOW FOR: Tutorials, guides, and DIY. Not only does the account cover sub-categories of green living such as green cleaning but also has many different tutorials, guides, and DIY’s to share, e.g., simple detox guides, easy green-cleaning tips, must-try natural products. Part of their mission is to share the latest trends, news, ideas, and tools for natural beauty and wellness.

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Holiday packing at full speed here and this bamboo cutlery set is surely coming with us - in fact, I’m bringing two! 邏 . Easy to pack and mega lightweight, this set is a no-brainer for those who will be out and about, eating on-the-go like us ☺️ . Find out more at  . •• follow us •• . #reuzi #reuzirevolution #reuzirecommends #sustainability #sustainableliving #choosewisely #reusereducerecycle #reuse #saynotoplastic #noplastic #plasticfree #plasticsucks #ecofriendly #irishbusiness #makeadifference #fallinlovewithsustainability #sustainablelivingmadesimple #bamboo #holidays #summer #travel #travelgram #bamboocutlery #eatwellbewell #eatclean Pic by @evablakephoto for reuzi 

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FOLLOW FOR: Eco-alternatives to everyday household items. Their feed consists of the products they have available as well as motivating quotes that will give you the odd environmental reminder as you scroll through your feed. 

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Have you grown Potatoes before? This was my first time growing Early Potatoes 凜朗 I sprouted some chunks of Russet potatoes as well as some smaller ones from the grocery, planted them a few months ago and BAM! Potatoes 拾 . I planted these in a raised bed a few inches below the soil. Each potato plant got about 10” in diameter of space. I should have “hilled” them but didn’t learn that nifty trick till it was too late. Hilling our potatoes means topping them off with more soil so they can grow more tubers. Doing so looks like leaving just a few stems above the surface. Next year, more potatoes  . How do you know when potatoes are ready? The foliage has almost died back completely and you may see the plant go to seed (they look like lil cherry tomatoes!) I used a hand fork to harvest mine but really in the end, I was able to just use my hands. I’m so freakin’ excited about my potatoes!!!! . So now for storage, I don’t have a fancy root cellar, so cardboard boxes inside will have to do. Storing your potatoes properly will allow them to last for up to 6 months! Cool and dark is the recipe you want. Light will turn them green and toxic. Oh Nature, you so crazy  . You want to eat the smaller ones first. I’m going to cut those up, add olive oil, S&P and roast them up to serve with some locally sourced pork chops and homegrown rainbow Chard  #instarharvests . If you’d like to see the Behind the Scenes of my Potato Harvest check out my Story Highlight “Potatoes”  #instarpotatoes

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WHO: @instarfarms

FOLLOW FOR: If you thought a being a plant mom was cool, follow Erika - a flower gardener and garden artist who grows her own food. If you're interested in developing a green thumb and learning more about gardening, add her to your list.


We’re living in a time where we’re expressing ourselves through food in ways like never before, what we eat has become today’s hottest social media currency. It’s thanks to our connected world that the landscape for getting closer to real transparency around where our food comes from and how it’s made has been blown wide open. Meet the inspiring and passionate change-makers making steps to safeguard the future of our food and planet.

WHO: @green_leafy_gael

FOLLOW FOR: Set up by a Donegal-native, Amy dedicates her account to her vegan lifestyle. Her feed is a foodie's dream as it features delicious dish inspirations, recipes and meal plans - all with sustainability in mind. 

WHO: @thedublinfoodcoop

FOLLOW FOR: Get a sneak peek into the daily running of a food co-operative and the faces behind this historical Dublin one. You’ll be inspired to buy organic and in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging. They share informative posts indicating what produce is in season and the principles of a co-operative.

WHO: @accidentallyveganuk

FOLLOW FOR: Vegan must-buys. The feed is a selection of supermarket buys that just happen to be plant-based, whether they were intended that way or not. Expect the likes of meat flavoured crisps from M&S, vegan-friendly pizza from Lidl and what you can actually order from McDonald's...asides from chips.


For when you want your #onesmallchange to apply to all aspects of your life.

WHO: @trashisfortossers

FOLLOW FOR: Her Instagram feed not only offers a glimpse of her life and businesses but is full of suggestions to actively join the movement with daily actions. Contents range from second-hand shopping guides and zero-waste holiday gift lists to tutorials for a waste-free hair-care routine and even homemade natural cold remedies.

WHO: @zerowastehome

FOLLOW FOR: Tips on reducing waste, minimalistic decorating, and eco-friendly travel hacks.Bea Johnson is a best-selling author and speaker who has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, ABC, and more. So when it comes to sustainability, she knows her stuff.

WHO: @gretathunberg

FOLLOW FOR: We couldn't discuss the rise of sustainable influencers without mentioning the queen that is Greta Thunberg - the ultimate environmental campaigner and influencer. The 16-year-old is the brains behind the recent UK school climate strikes, back in September, she went on a three-week strike from school to urge the Swedish government to act on climate change, resorting to protesting because she was too young to vote in the general elections. Her actions have inspired people - young and old - to follow suit across the world. 

Main image by @trashisfortossers on Instagram

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