The Hills Is Back On Our Screens, But Should It Be?

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The nostalgia trend is plucking dated TV shows from the obscure, dusty and cobwebbed shelves of the entertainment archive but how badly are we in need of The Hills reboot? 

There has been a significant influx in modernised and revamped screen productions recently. Entertainment powerhouses such as Netflix, Disney and MTV have all dipped into the movement that grabs a zeitgeist cultural phenomenon television show or movie, sprinkles it with some 2010s goodness and presents it to the world. A clever tactic as the contemporised, newer tv show/ movie now appeals to the greater audience of Generation Z in addition to the original fanatics of previous generations (whose nostalgia senses are tingling, no doubt). 

In August 2018, at the MTV Video Music Awards, a revival of the channel’s O.G. guilty pleasure, The Hills was announced. The Hills: New Beginnings generated a flutter of excitement across the initial show’s cult fanbase (myself included). When asked about the reboot, the president of entertainment for MTV and VHI, Nina L. Diaz answered; “We’d be crazy not to bring it back.”

However, the thought that a cast reunion, unchanged Los Angeles location and similar synopsis with a more realistic twist would elicit a deja vu sense of joy was a bit naive on my part.

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Oh Lord... @thehills is on tonight @mtv! Shit gets bananas

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I’m not convinced that another questionable ‘reality’ TV show is going to hit my nostalgia sweet spot. In my matured state of a couple of years since The Hills finale, I simply don’t have the same interest I once had in keeping up with Hollywood’s cool society, be it fabricated or real. I am surprised by my reaction given my level of adoration for the show and obsessive need for American popular culture as a teenager. Granted, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills must be credited for paving the way for reality television which quickly triggered a public obsession with human behaviour and following a privileged crowd. 

As a result, reality television exploded, permeating across screens everywhere and is now an oversaturated market. We are an audience too spoilt for reality choice that it has caused me to retreat and reevaluate my entertainment needs. My appetite for such entertainment has diminished and I can’t help but wonder among all of these reboots if producers are just suffering from a lack of creativity? 

Like the vast majority of us, I am already far too infatuated with Instagram, which acts as my connection to the world of celebrity culture thanks to my perfectly curated feed. In a conscious effort to not stunt my brain development, Instagram will suffice as my reality entertainment and I will not be lured by a nostalgia flavoured TV show. That being said, I cannot deny my intrigue towards the remaking of animated Disney classics (ah, blissful times) such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and shortly The Lion King. These harmless, childhood gems will forever have a special place in my heart no matter the style or format. 

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The best aftershow ever... catching speidi out for lying and they ADMIT IT! Finally. I am real the entire time & when it’s two against one spewing out lies it’s impossible for me to get my truth to be THE truth... until this! Lying for a year abt me and then finally admitting they had a magazine cover deal. Of course- fame before family... . The audience, cast, hosts all witnessed them crumble. Everything they say about me is lies. They don’t know how to be honest. Heidi, remember Jesus is watching you. Spencer, Remember what happened in Paris? You’re fighting a losing battle. Don’t fuck with me anymore. The two have you have caused me so much pain over and over. I have nothing to lose... and everything to gain. [mtv cut it out!! At least everyone there got to see it... check my highlights above xx]

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There is a novelty attached to a zeitgeist product. Its magnitude and impact undeniably proved much more special and meaningful in its heyday, which has its own attributes that cannot be taken away, or in my opinion, matched. I enjoy reflecting on nostalgic moments but I am not hoping to relive them. My style and taste have evolved as I have grown up, and my focus has shifted towards my own reality rather than that of others who I don’t aspire to be like. Which, on an iconic nostalgia note, I suppose is referred to as ‘the circle of life.’

Watch The Hills: New Beginnings at 8 pm on Tuesdays on MTV.

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