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Sick Of Hotels? The City's Latest Addition Is A Culture-Led Yoga Studio

The Space Between is a new contemporary creative space on Fenian Street, with two beautiful studios called Here and Now.

Dublin city centre's newest build is being seen as the antithesis of the hotel-sphere engulfing cultural hubs of late. 

The Space Between is a new contemporary creative space on Fenian Street, offering respite to local creatives in a city that has been increasingly unsupportive. 

The new space will provide event space, yoga classes, art exhibitions, dynamic talk series and workshops as well as food and drinks classes, psychology talks and experimental audio-visual events. 

Their yoga schedule is rich and expansive, with everything from breathing exercises hot yoga on offer to any city centre dweller.

The Space Between welcomes all and dogs too, adding it to the dwindling list of dog-friendly spaces in the city centre.

Founder Dave Smith says: “The Space Between feels like the opposite of everything else being developed in the city at the moment, it is the antithesis of modern development.

"It is about people, those who helped create it, those who continually fuel it and those who engage with it deriving value and enabling it to realise its purpose. It is designed to assist the personal journey thereby in turn serving the collective.” 

Dave describes the space in two parts: 

  • Is Yoga – a space for hot yoga, yoga, meditation, breathwork and movement.
  • Isn’t Yoga – a space for talks, make shops, exhibitions, experiences, community initiatives and creative expression, a canvas through which new things may emerge. 

A critical part of The Space Between model is accessibility.

There is a ‘hustle membership’ option for those working in the arts, meaning a deal can be made with the space.

The corporate social responsibility strategy is simple. The 50 x 50 Project asks 50 local businesses to buy a membership each which directly funds The Space Between community projects, this innovative project will connect with local schools and community centres like St Andrews on Pearse St. running weekly classes or modules for the next generation. 

In essence, The Space Between is what you make of it. 

Be it Kombucha making, a place to get some work done in kinder surroundings or somewhere to spend your evenings that isn't a crowded bar. 

There’s also an optional phone depository for those looking to enjoy an off-grid natter. 

“There is no roadmap to life, we need tools, skills, passion, purpose and each other to best navigate the path ahead. Most importantly we need to have fun with it," Dave continued. 

“You'll find us on a little side street nestled between Docklands, Merrion Square, Trinity College and Pearse Street. Our literal ‘space between’ is open to seekers of all ages and abilities.” 

Check out their Instagram for updates here

The Space Between is open to the public on Thursday 26 from 6:30pm onwards. 

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