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The Thoughtful Shopper: February Edition

Fashion and lifestyle items that encourage a sustainable approach to consumption.

Train Together

With the latest developments in technical materials, innovative features and styling Oysho – the popular activewear chain owned by Inditex – has released its first menswear drop. The Train Together capsule collection features breathable, fast-drying fabrics and much of the line bears the ‘Join Life’ label, highlighting the group’s use of sustainable raw materials and energy-friendly processes.

Very Peri

Every year the Pantone Color Institute announces its colour of the year, the result of almost twelve months’ worth of research and trend forecasting. For 2022, Very Peri – a beautiful periwinkle blue with rich violet-red undertones – is the hero shade. Chosen to mirror the uncertainty and cautious optimism of our times the tone is also present in the world of high-contrast gaming, as well as in the wellness space, where lilac and lavender offer a sense of calm. Wondering how to wear it? Allow us to point you in the direction of Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent spring show for inspiration. 

Looking Sharp

If 2022 is your year to reduce your environmental impact, it might be time to look at your grooming habits, and in particular your shaving routine. If you usually opt for a disposable razor, the issue is in the name – they’re cheap to re-purchase but they’re difficult to recycle as they’re made from a mixture of materials as are those interchangeable heads. Made with longevity in mind, Shavent sells sustainable, plastic-free razors that combine a fully functional pivoting head with the simplicity of classic razor blades. Simply replace the blades when needed and take pleasure in a shave that’s both ecologically and economically sound. Prices from €105,

Dry Time

While the phrase “sober curious” might sound very L.A., the drinking-in-moderation movement is gaining ground here among those keen to explore elements of a booze-free lifestyle without fully abstaining. Instead of seeing alcohol as a habit or a crutch, the movement’s aim is to become more intentional about our relationship with drinking, whether that means scaling back or opting for the odd ‘zero’. Lyre’s range of crafted non-alcoholic spirits sees all of the classics represented (gin, rum, bourbon, triple sec and more), meaning practically every cocktail known to man can be faithfully recreated and enjoyed minus the hangover. Lyre’s products are available from Tesco nationwide and from

Olfactive Stéréophonique

Byredo is bringing a new olfactory experience to its fans via a collaboration with OJAS, a New York-based audio tech brand led by Devon Turnbull. Applying speaker design theory the room diffuser, dubbed the “BYOJ-01 Biradial Controlled Directivity Scent Dispersion Device” distributes smell more efficiently via an acoustic horn. The fragrance itself, Olfactive Pyramid, was inspired by incense used in Hindu and Buddhist temples and features notes of clove buds, incense, Haiti vetiver and guaiac wood. €950, from and select flagships.

Same Taste, Extra Boost

If your first-morning coffee isn’t quite giving you that hit of energy to tackle the day, you might want to check out Nespresso’s latest launch. The brand’s new “functional coffee” range is aimed at those with a proactive approach to their lifestyle. Available for the Vertuo systems, the Melozio Boost (a rounded coffee with biscuity notes) and the Stormio Boost (with spicy, woody and cereal notes) contain 200mg of caffeine - 20 per cent more than you’d find in the regular blend.

Modern Rainwear, Made For Life

The Stockholm-based Stutterheim knows a thing or two about dressing for the elements. Rooted in the idea that pieces should last forever, its raincoats and rain accessories are produced in rubberised cotton with double welded seams to ensure waterproofness. Each piece is designed with the minimalist, utilitarian feel that is quintessential to Scandinavian design.

This piece appeared in February's edition of Irish Tatler, free with the Business Post newspaper on the second Sunday of every month.