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A Guide to Thunder Therapy: This Year's Wellness Trend

You don't have to sleep outside to feel the benefits

Try it. 

Now you might think a thunderstorm isn’t the most restful backdrop to a good night’s sleep (and you’d be right), but it turns out thunder therapy is taking the wellness world by, eh, storm.

If you’ve ever had a massage or a beauty treatment, you’ll probably have heard soothing, "plinky plinky" music that is supposed to encourage you to relax. Thunder therapy takes that idea a step further, using sounds of, not just nature, but rain and rolling thunder to encourage sleep.

*Think ‘tropical storms outside your window on some gorgeous island’, rather than ‘it’s bucketing it down and the wheelie bins are going flying…’*

How it works

There is some science behind all this sound therapy too. In 2016 experts at Brighton and Sussex Medical School looked at the connection between the brain, the body and background noise. The study found that nature sounds like heavy rainfall, thunder and flowing water have a real effect on our minds and bodies.

They seem to calm our high-anxiety fight or flight response (the sympathetic response) and increased parasympathetic response, which keeps us calm and relaxed. And the more stressed you are, the better it works.


This sort of sound or audio therapy is so popular there are playlists all over the likes of Spotify and YouTube. If you fancy giving it a go, here are some tracks and playlists to try.

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