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Buzzworthy: Coffee Liqueur Tia Maria Gets A New Look

Newness on two fronts for Tia Maria

The world-famous coffee liqueur is introducing a new look and design for its classic Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur bottle, as well as launching a ready-to-drink nitro cocktail.

The latter half of 2020 looks set to be a busy one for Tia Maria. favourite of coffee cocktail lovers the world over, the brand has some big changes afoot but in news that will come as much-needed comfort to its fans, the dark liqueur will remain faithful to its long-standing recipe.

Made with Madagascar vanilla, Jamaican rum, and 100% Arabica coffee to provide the distinctive "roasted, full-bodied and rich taste", Tia Maria's unique recipe dates back to the mid-17th Century, when a Spanish aristocrat fled Jamaica amid a colonial war.

Now, debuting a new look that reinforces its 'one of a kind' messaging, Tia Maria highlights the liqueur's uniqueness through a harmoniously shaped bottle and graphic label complete with bold red strokes. 

Lockdown has provided us all with the perfect opportunity to brush up on our mixology skills and while the summer was all about mastering the art of the spicy marg, as the colder months set in, we're intent on finding the ultimate autumn cocktail mixtures. 

Tia Maria was used in the very first Espresso Martini recipe over forty years ago, so right now, we're considering that inspiration enough! See below the easy-to-make Tia Espresso Martini recipe for you to sip on all season long. 

 Tia Espresso Martini


  • 25ml of Tia Maria
  • 25ml of vodka 
  • A double or single shot of espresso
  • 5ml of sugar syrup


Fill a martini glass with ice and set aside to chill. Then pour the measures of Tia Maria, vodka and espresso into a cocktail shaker. Fill the rest of the shaker with ice. Shake the ingredients together. Empty the ice from the martini glass. Pour in the contents of the shaker using a strainer and sieve into the glass. Finish with three coffee beans. Serve and enjoy! 


Also new and exciting is Tia Maira's ready-to-drink cocktail, Iced Coffee Frappé. 

Made with 100% Arabica coffee, milk cream, vanilla and the unique taste of Tia Maria, the canned cocktail boasts a lower ABV of 4% allowing fans of the coffee liqueur can enjoy the unmistakable taste without too much booze. 

Once opened, clever nitro technology within the can instantly creates the frappé foam for a velvety smooth texture. By entering the RTD (ready-to-drink) market, the brand is hoping to engage a younger millennial audience.

To celebrate the individuality of the new cocktail, Tia Maria veered away from the brand's signature red and black shades and instead, collaborated with Dutch street artist, Karski on the vibrant packaging. 

“I’m extremely happy that Tia Maria identifies its branding with my vibrant works of art," Karski said. "This ready-to-drink can has a unique appearance with its abstract design and ‘one of a kind’ colours,” he added.

Photo by Marijn de Wijs.

Tia Maria's new bottle is now on shelves throughout Ireland and the Iced Coffee Frappé cans are available to buy at Carry Out Stores nationwide, €2.99.

Please enjoy Tia Maria sensibly.

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