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Why Sipping This Drink Is The Key To Restful Sleep In A Heatwave

The solution is somewhat surprising but so very appropriate for us as a nation

This hot weather is undoubtedly glorious, but struggling to sleep can be a massive downside of the heat.

Right, we know we only get a few weeks of actual sun in Ireland so we can't really give out, but that being said, without any sophisticated air-con systems or breezy sleeping attire, we're finding summer bedtimes a little on the sweaty side.

Between noisy fans, open windows and tossing and turning, we're a lot more likely to wake up during the night, reducing our chances of a restful night’s sleep and consequently, impacting your energy levels the next day too.

While we've, rather compassionately, avoided the UK's amber-level warning over the spike in temperatures, everyone here is certainly looking more 'glowy' and heatwave symptom are so much more of a hindrance when it comes to bedtime. 

So, what’s the solution to getting a good night’s sleep in the heat?

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Well, somewhat surprisingly but so very appropriate for us as a nation, it could be drinking warm tea before bed! 

Research shows that drinking a hot cup can actually cool you down, as it results in a lower amount of heat stored inside your body. 

How? Well, quite simply, you sweat more. The moment the hot liquid makes contact with the body’s temperature receptors, the brain tells the body to produce more sweat.

This sweat then cools on the surface of the skin, reducing the sensation of being too warm and ultimately, making us feel cooler.

Moon Milk 

But if you really want to capitalize on max Zzzzzs, ditch the water and tea bag and opt for hot milk instead (soz Vegans). Not only will it help to cool you down, but this bedtime drink also contains tryptophan – an amino acid that helps you produce serotonin and melatonin – hormones that help you to nod off. 

If hot drinks aren't your vibe in general though, the promise of 8 solid hours or not, try these other ways to cool down during a heatwave…

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Happy heatwave sleeping! 

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