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What We're Watching To Cure Our Self-Isolation Boredom

Bored? We've got your back.

Pass your coronavirus-induced alone time by streaming shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and elsewhere.

As the news gets grimmer by the day it’s more important than ever to focus on the things that make you happy. Going to the cinema might not be an option at the moment, but you can still go to your happy place at home thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and elsewhere. And with the anxiety and fear that comes with this particular situation, turning to a “comfort show” makes a lot of sense.

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Let me put it another way ― it’s time to make like Zoë Kravitz and hop in the bath with some wine and snacks and melt into contentment with content.

To get an array of recommendations for “comfort shows,” I asked my wonderful Irish Tatler colleagues – via Microsoft Teams, of course – to share what they’re turning to during this crisis. The suggestions range from comedies to reality shows to stories that fully lean into dystopian narratives (to each their own).


Available to stream on Amazon Prime

"Has been Succession all the way for me – maybe I'm late to that one."

- Elaine Prendeville, Editorial Director. 

Fleabag + Sex and the city

Available to stream on Amazon Prime and NowTV

"Fleabag and Sex and The City...from the START."

- Emma Sutton, Head of Design.

tiger king

Available to stream on Netflix

"I've been watching Tiger King on Netflix and have truly lost my mind over it. It's the only thing that's making social isolation not feel as filled with dread as it could be –– and the mullets are fantastic."

– Kate Demolder, Staff Writer. 

Friday Night Lights 

Available to stream on Amazon Prime

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!" Or so goes the signature, pre-game rally cry of the Dillon Panthers in Friday Night Lights, a five-season TV series following high-school football players in a small Texas town – which I'm currently revisiting (and not for the first time).

The show's nostalgic, Americana storylines let me live out my dreams of going to prom and dating the QB – although, the town's resident bad-boy, Tim Riggins (played by Taylor Kitsch) is probably more likely to steal your heart! 

– Amy Heffernan, Editor

Law and Order

Available to stream on NowTV

"I’ve set myself the goal of watching every episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit ever made. If anyone can get me through this, it’s Olivia Benson"

- Gillian Nellis, Editor of Food and Wine. 


Available to stream on 4OD

"For me, it's been Shane Meadows's The Virtues! Because it's deeply immersive and makes us realise our lives can't be that bad. And if you're gagging for more you can watch back on other Stephen Graham and Shane Meadows projects via the This is England catalogue."

- Sarah Taffe-Maguire, Staff Writer for The Business Post.

mindhunter + gilmore girls

Both available to stream on Netflix

"As soon as Mindhunter was uploaded to Netflix, everyone I knew told me to watch it. Some recommendations stemmed from the show genuinely being brilliant but most of the recommendations were made thanks to my obsession with serial killers. Despite everyone and their pet hamster telling me to watch this show, I just never got around to it but now I have all this spare time on my hands, I thought I'd finally give into my friends' advice. I binged the entire two seasons in two days. Since then, I've spent my time down the rabbit hole that is 'top ten things in Mindhunter that actually happened in real life'. 

But when Mindhunter got too much (which was often), I switched over to the ever-reliable Gilmore Girls. Whether I've had a bad day in work, on my period or just want something on in the background, this show has long been my go-to comforting TV show. It gives me a much-needed mental break from the news."

- Emma Blanchfield, Staff Writer.

parks and recreation + Masterchef Australia  

Available to stream on Netflix and Youtube

"For me though, I've been watching as many soothing shows as possible. I'm a big fan of Parks and Recreation, which has an amazing female lead and is absolutely hilarious, so I've been rewatching that with my sister. I've also been rewatching old episodes of Masterchef Australia because it's very soothing and it inspires me to cook a little more from scratch. Finally, I've been watching everything and anything I can on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel - Claire Saffitz is my hero and I would literally watch a show about her buttering toast, she's that good.

- Jordan Mooney, Staff Writer for Food and Wine. 


Available to stream on DVD

"I’m staying at home as much as possible (which is a lot) but at least I can escape to a galaxy far, far away with a Star Wars box set. None of that Jar-Jar-era prequel stuff for me though, I need Han, Leia and Luke to get me through…"

- Brenda McCormick, Managing Editor

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