Valene Kane Plays An Alpha Female In New Legal Drama

The female-centric story airs this week.

It seems that the sky is the limit for Valene Kane. 

Best-known for playing kidnap victim Rose Stagg in The Fall, the Newry-born actress holds all the power in her latest role as an ‘alpha female' barrister in legal drama Counsel.

Written by newcomer David Allen and directed by Declan Recks (The Truth Commissioner), Counsel is a new legal drama from BBC Northern Ireland telling the story of Olivia Harley, a female barrister who complicates her professional and personal life when she takes on the case of a young client.

Harley (Kane), has it all: a powerful career as a senior barrister specialising in family law and a husband in the running for Lord Chief Justice played by Declan Conlon (Any Time Now, Calvary).

However, she's growing tired of playing second fiddle to her husband Malcolm’s career. When Malcolm’s loyalty and integrity are questioned, Olivia finds herself drawing closer to her 18-year-old client Gareth Fleming, played by newcomer Adam Gillian.

Counsel is one of two new dramas commissioned for the New Perspectives drama initiative.

Written, produced and filmed in Northern Ireland these dramas portray and represent Northern Ireland on screen in new ways, nurture and develop new talent both on screen and behind-the-scenes and continue to support the local creative sector.

See Kane in her new role from Monday, 15 April at 9pm.

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