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The Vegan Accounts You Should Be Following For Veganuary Inspiration

Have the cheese cravings started yet?

Instagram is overloaded with cute dogs, cute babies and cute babies crawling with cute dogs, but we're really in it for the food.

Struggling a little with Veganuary? Same. 

Perhaps your local shop isn't equipped with all the ingredients you've been coming across in your new recipe books; perhaps the recipes you're looking at just seem like too much effort. Either way, you're fast losing interest in the whole thing.

Enter Vegan influencers. We’re living in a time where we’re expressing ourselves through food in ways like never before, what we eat has become today’s hottest social media currency. It’s thanks to our connected world that the landscape for getting closer to real transparency around where our food comes from and how it’s made has been blown wide open.

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From chefs to celebs, there's a whole host of vegan influencers to give you some culinary inspiration – whether that’s recipes, restaurant recommendations or accidentally vegan products. Keep scrolling for the inspiring and passionate change-makers making steps to safeguard the future of our food and planet.

Roz Purcell

FOLLOW FOR: Recipe ideas (she has three cookbooks), plus fitness, fashion, beauty...what more could you ask for?

Natural Born Feeder 

FOLLOW FOR: If you're going to follow Rozanna Purcell for Veganuary inspiration than you should probably also follow Natural Born Feeder – her dedicated food account packed with vegan recipes that are so good, you may stay vegan come February 1.

six vegan sisters

FOLLOW FOR: More recipes than you could possibly ever begin to recreate.

oh she glows 

FOLLOW FOR: Recipes so good, they even might convince your pals to take up Vegauary too.

fat gay vegan

FOLLOW FOR: The joy, plenty of educating about social justice as well as all vegan news and food launches before everyone else.


FOLLOW FOR: satisfying vegan sweets and snacks as well as places to dine out in Ireland and healthier options too.

vegan honey pot

FOLLOW FOR: All of the homemade goodness. 

hot for food

FOLLOW FOR: the vegan jammy dodgers alone. 

veg & vegan dublin

FOLLOW FOR: The most delicious vegetarian and vegan dining options in Dublin

minimalist baker

FOLLOW FOR: One of our favourite recipe blog. Every recipe has 10 ingredients or less, one bowl or takes under 30 minutes to prepare. And they’re mainly gluten-free too. Oh, and the pudding to savoury ratio is excellent.

plant-based logic

FOLLOW FOR: memes, what else could you need?

Yes, it's all vegan

FOLLOW FOR: Reviews of every restaurant, food stand and new vegan product so you don’t have to.

accidentally vegan

FOLLOW FOR: A collection of every accidentally vegan product available. We’re talking Tesco battered onion rings. Moet. Caramel Shreddies. Freddo drinking chocolate. Essential reading if you’re missing eating certain treats!

Main image by @naturalbornfeeder 

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