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The 10 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Ireland

Even a few years ago, a list of the best vegan restaurants in Ireland would have been painfully short. Now, it’s hard to narrow down – with the plant-based revolution only expected to gather further momentum as 2019 wears on.
Veganism is on the rise in Ireland

And with good reason.

Cutting animal products out of your diet has scientifically-proven benefits for both your health and the planet.

Whether you’re a lifelong convert to the Beyoncé-approved movement or dipping a toe into the clean eating pool, Ireland's culinary scene has a wealth of vegan dishes that more than hold their own against more indulgent options.

1. Nutbutter, Dublin 2

This all-day spot is a true joy for those avoiding meat. While there are plenty of meat options to be had, Nutbutter has a serious amount of vegan-friendly dishes on their menu.

We also love that they offer pulled jackfruit as an optional addition to their salads: with a meatiness reminiscent of pulled pork, the jackfruit is to die for with the forbidden rice bowl.

2. 143V, Cork

If you’re looking for a full, satisfying meal, then totally-vegan 143V in Cork is where you need to go.

With a menu featuring crunchy seitan burgers, pancakes with fruity drizzles and delicious vegan bakes, this restaurant is sure to have something to suit everyone, even the meat-eaters.

3. Cornucopia, Dublin 2

Would any list about vegan food in Ireland be complete without Cornucopia being mentioned?

This Wicklow Street vegetarian café is well-known for its food, a lot of which is vegan too. Serving up exciting hot and cold plant-based dishes daily, Cornucopia is a must-visit for vegans in Dublin.

If you get one thing from Cornucopia, make sure it’s a slice of cheesecake – totally vegan and delicious with regularly changing flavours.

4. The Lighthouse Café, Galway

This café is probably what heaven looks like to vegans.

The options are endless, including a vegan brunch (with a full meat-free fry-up), selections of sweets, fresh cakes and more. If you’re looking for guidance on how to go vegan but still treat yourself, then look no further than The Lighthouse Galway.

5. Vish.Shop, Dublin 1

There’s nothing better than fresh fish and chips on a Friday evening after a long week at work, it’s the perfect treat to start the weekend, so we can’t imagine what it’s like to have to skip out on that just because you’re vegan!

Thankfully, Vish.Shop has rectified this, having recently opened a vegan chipper on the North Side that features their to-die-for cauliflower wings with BBQ sauce.

6. The Underdog, Limerick

The Underdog in Limerick is certainly something to get excited about.

There’s no way you’ll feel deprived for not having meat when you visit (you might even feel a bit overindulgent!), as the menu features a wide variety of dishes, including vegan fry-ups, topped fries, chimichangas and more.

7. Token, Dublin 7

While Token is well known for its arcade games and indulgent food, this Smithfield restaurant features a range of killer vegan options.

If you’re looking for Americana-style food, then you’re covered at Token as vegan fried chicken, hot dogs, tacos and more are all permanent fixtures on the menu, with mouthwatering specials popping up regularly.

8. The Candied Hazelnut, Waterford

This Waterford eatery promises dishes that are 100% plant-based, as well being totally gluten and peanut-free.

With its quirky decor and friendly staff, The Candied Hazelnut promises to wow punters with its menu, which includes vegan pizzas, cakes and more.

9. Happy Food at YogaHub, Dublin 2

Located in one of Dublin’s best yoga studios, Happy Food provides a menu full of gluten and dairy-free plant-based foods.

With a distinctly healthy vibe to it, this spot is perfect for those who want to enjoy a guilt-free brunch full of sweet potato ‘pulled pork’, chickpea scrambles and the classic avo on toast.

10. TGO Falafel Bar, Galway

While they are amazing, TGO Falafel Bar offers so much more than just falafel. With a menu that includes vegan breakfast, burgers and sauces, this Galway spot is a vegan delight.

We especially love their sweet potato brownies and hot sauce range.

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