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Vogue Williams On Plastic Surgery, Photoshop And Christmas In St Barth's

We never expected Superwoman to take a day off anyway.

Let me guess? You're already a fan-girl too. 

When the name Vogue Williams crops up in conversation, powerhouse is the first word that springs to mind.

Between playing the role of mother, wife, DJ, entrepreneur, TV personality and herself all wrapped in one we are pretty convinced that Vogue's ability to handle a constant stream of duties makes her superwoman - did we mention, she also fits in a killer workout routine? (see Instagram for inspiration galore) 

From Dublin to London, Vogue’s career journey has been nothing short of amazing, but her never-fading humbled, Irish-charm and familiar, witty presence proves a bit more noteworthy.

One would think having the world at your feet would encourage some well-deserved downtime, yet Vogue continues to flourish with no plans to slow down - we adore a motivated queen. 

In light of her latest TV venture which spotlights important issues du jour inflicted by social media, we managed to take five minutes with Vogue to discuss her exciting projects, staying healthy in body and mind and Christmas in St. Barth's.

It’s just been announced that you’re co-hosting Plastic Surgery Undressed on BBC3, and something that has been credited with a rise in cosmetic surgery is social media. Do you have any advice on how people can feel comfortable within themselves so to not always feel the need to alter their appearance?

My advice for anyone thinking about having surgery is to always speak to a councillor beforehand. It’s such a big decision, and I think that anyone who’s thinking about changing their appearance in such a drastic way should certainly speak to someone before even thinking about it.

One of the key aspects of Plastic Surgery Undressed is to make sure that people who are thinking about having a procedure are well-informed and that they avoid any conflicting/misleading information you might find online.

Did you feel pressure to look a certain way growing up, how has your opinion of yourself changed? 

I think, with age, I’ve just become more comfortable in myself. When you’re younger you’re really hard on yourself, and when I look back on old pictures I think I look great, but at the time you think about all the negatives.

You can spend so long self-loathing when actually you look great. I’ve got to a point where I’m happy with my life, my marriage, my work… I just enjoy my life, and that always reflects on how you feel about yourself.

How can people use social media in a positive way?

It’s so important to be honest on social media, particularly if you’re an influencer. Even with products you’re selling, I think it’s important to really love them and know that they do what they say they do, otherwise, you’re lying to your audience.

Of course, people like to take pictures with the best lighting and angles, but overly photoshopped pictures should really be avoided. It makes people wonder why they don’t have smooth skin like that, so it’s just best to be as honest as possible on social media.

You share a lot of your own workout routines on social media… Do you have a key tip for staying so fit and healthy?  

Consistency is key! I train four times a week, and regardless of the week, I’ll always make sure I stick to four times, even if I’m working a lot.

You are a model, DJ, TV presenter, and have launched your own tanning range. What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Keep working hard and towards the goal that you want to achieve, because you will achieve it if you work hard enough.

What is one thing about you that people would be surprised to know?

I have two degrees in the construction industry; one in construction design and one in quantity surveying.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2020? 

There’s lots of things I want to accomplish! Instead of doing New Year’s resolutions I try to set work-orientated goals. I have five or six that I’m dying to achieve, but I like to keep them to myself, just in case they don’t happen this year.

Which Christmas experience are you most looking forward to?

Going to St Barth's! It’s been a super busy year, and we haven’t had the chance for a proper family holiday other than a few days here and there. I’m so excited to go and chill. I have to do a little work while I’m out there but not too much – I’m really looking forward to it.

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Plastic Surgery Undressed will be available on BBC Three on iPlayer from Sunday 17th November. 

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