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Summer Cooking Sorted: Win A New Weber BBQ And Accessories Worth Over €500

BBQs are better the Weber Way

Chic outdoor dining can't be achieved without the right choice of apparatus, and luckily, Weber have teamed up with accomplished barbecue chef, Simon Rimmer to educate people on barbecuing the Weber Way. 

We all know how it goes. It’s suddenly sunny, and all at once the rush is on to get down to the supermarket and arm wrestle for the last burger bun so when your guests call round for a barbecue, you’re fully stocked.

Alfresco dining is the dream summer’s evening. But it’s become much more than just barbecuing steak and sausages. You can cook pretty much anything with the right equipment.

Did you know you can barbecue with an array of interchangeable accessories? Whether it’s a poultry roaster, a wok, a pizza stone, or a griddle, Weber have your back... in the back garden.

The Weber way, allows you to barbecue a whole chicken easily with the lid down using a Poultry Roaster, keeping the meat moist and tender whilst the skin is perfectly crisp. Packed with flavour, you can get creative using different marinades, rubs and butters.

Barbecue the Weber way with these three key tips: 

Always Cook With The Lid Down 

Cooking with the lid down controls the temperature inside the barbecue and minimises flare-ups that can cause over-cooking. 

Choose The Right Method For Your Meat 

If your chosen meat takes less than 20 minutes to cook through, use direct heat. For larger cuts of meat, roast on the BBQ using indirect heat or make
the art of smoking the next on your BBQ to-do list, if you're already an expert cooking with charcoal. 

Check The Temp

Always consistently use a meat thermometer to check the core temperature of your food when barbecuing, so you get succulent meat, cooked exactly to your liking, every time.

To celebrate Weber's new campaign with Simon Rimmer, they're giving away the ultimate Weber Beer Chicken Starter Kit - which includes their latest Master-Touch GBS Premium E- 5775 Charcoal Barbecue and the must-have Beer Chicken accessories, including a Poultry Roaster


Sorry, the promotion closed a couple of weeks ago. Don’t worry, you’re still a winner to us. We have loads of other competitions running every Wednesday.