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The Defining Astrological Event Of 2019: The Mutable Square

This month brings with it the defining astrological event of 2019: the mutual square between Neptune and Jupiter.

But, what does it mean?

We experienced this square throughout the year; however, it perfected on January 13, 2019, June 16, 2019, and will for the third time, again, on September 21, 2019. 

In astrology, there are four mutable signs: Gemini, also an air sign; Virgo, an earth sign; Sagittarius, a fire sign; and Pisces, a water sign.

The term "mutable" is a quality attributed to a sign. There are three qualities, such as mutable, cardinal and fixed. The qualities are one of the building blocks of astrology and are based on how each type of quality engages with the world.

If you are a mutable sign, you are most likely flexible, adaptable and can thrive on change. Your swift changeability allows you to see life from many different perspectives.

Mutable signs also have a restless nature that comes from being the breakdown before the breakthrough.

A mutable square – otherwise known as a Grand Cross – is a planetary alignment in the astrology chart consisting of four planets at 90-degree angles (quite literally a square) with each other and each being in different astrological qualities. 

This brings a very different energy to the Grand Cross than say a Cardinal Grand Cross or a Fixed Grand Cross, for the mutable energy, is probably the most congenial of the three, even though Grand Crosses can be challenging enough in and of themselves.

Neptune in Pisces — a transit that began with Neptune’s initial entrance into Pisces in April of 2011 and will last until it reaches Aries in March of 2025 — brings with it an expanded focus on spiritual development.

While travelling within this domain, the planet encourages the exploration of what it means to be emotionally healthy and spiritually aligned, and in sync with your creative expression and intuitive prowess.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is a much quicker-moving planet. Jupiter has travelled in Sagittarius (a sign it also rules) since November 8, 2018. It will continue to travel in the sign of the archer until December 2, 2019. Jupiter, in its home domain of Sagittarius, brings an expanded focus on growth, inspiring optimism, hope, and even athleticism.

This alignment helps you to master your emotions, but also good to acknowledge where you might be overwhelmed.

The squaring of these two planets asks for unbridled creative expression and command of one's spiritual expansion. 

However, it could also rear the ugly head of addiction or dependency. For those feeling weaker during this time, it's best to contact close family or friends to let them know that you're struggling.

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