The 9 Items You'll Need To Survive Electric Picnic This Weekend

According to a festival veteran...

Don't forget a thing with this essential festival packing guide. 

Electric Picnic is happening this weekend. And, whether it's your first time or you're a Stradbally regular, then it's time to get those last-minute essentials. 

You've most likely planned all the main acts you want to see this year, and you've probably figured out what it is you'll be wearing - but if you haven't then we've created a handy guide on how to nail festival dressing in 2019, you'll want to check that out here. We haven't stopped there, though: we've also put our heads together to work out exactly what everyone will need at the festival this year. 

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Electric Picnic has taken a step to being more sustainable as it is now a zero waste to landfill festival. Since 2009 single-use plastic cutlery and serve ware has been prohibited at Electric Picnic and all food packaging on the site must be compostable. This is why our first tip is to take a refillable bottle.

Add to this tents that’ll reduce landfill waste, sustainable glitter that won't end up in our oceans and more, you have the only Electric Picnic survival guide you’ll ever need to follow. 


A Refillable Water Bottle: When you’re queuing for hours, and we mean hours, to get into the main arena or the festival itself, then you’ll need to stay hydrated. With Electric Picnic's new push for sustainability at the festival, this year it’s all about reusable bottles like the Corcikle stainless steel styles that keep water cold for 24 hours. There are places dotted all over the grounds where you can top them up -for free.

Matte Neon Stainless Steel Water Bottle, €29, Corkcicle

Sensible Footwear: If you're going to have to wear wellie boots this weekend to stomp through the inevitable mud and puddles, you might as well stay on-trend. This army combat inspired pair will look just as good with floral mini dresses as they will with jeans and a rain jacket. 

Ground Chunky Lace-Up Rain Boot in Khaki, €34.56, ASOS

A Tent That Won't Leak With Rain Water: Did you know that your average tent is the equivalent to 8750 plastic straws? Tents are impossible to recycle as they’re made from so many different materials and the reality is that anything left behind at Electric Picnic will most likely be incinerated. This year, it’s time to be more conscious of what you leave behind and instead of buying a cheap, disposable tent opt for one you’ll use again. Not only will you spot this printed style in a sea of tents, but it’s also water-resistant and can be pitched in under five minutes. Sold.

Malawi Two Man Pop Up Print Tent, €59.95, Regatta 

Sustainable Glitter: In case you weren't already aware, glitter is pretty terrible for the environment. The conventional glitters you'll find on both craft and beauty aisles are just as bad the microbeads that have been banned from our skincare, because glitter, too, makes its way into our waterways and oceans. Not only does glitter pollute our oceans but they are ingested by the small and delicate organisms that live in our underwater ecosystems - and that's only the tip of the sparkly iceberg. But thankfully, Penney's has you covered with a bunch of sustainable glitter products. 

Sustainable Glitter, prices from €2.50, Penneys


A Rain Jacket: It's Ireland and despite what the weather forecast might say, it will rain at some point this weekend. Your past self would have seen a rainjacket as an unnecessary item that would only take up space for cans. Your current self knows that fewer cans > the flu. 

Statement Rain Jacket, €39.99, H&M

Hand Sanitizer: Sure, there are hand sanitizer stations at every portaloo and even sinks if you manage to flag your way into the VIP section but whether it's the Friday night or Sunday morning, those dispensers will be empty and this is where your pocket-sized hand sanitizer shines. And this one smells significantly nicer. 

Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Gel, €1.99, Boots

A Warm But Stylish Jumper: The Electric Picnic website has a very handy ’packing list’ and near the top is a jumper — we advise you stick to the list, people. Electric Picnic is in the middle of Ireland and not the middle of France, so it will get chilly in the evening. Make sure your layers are still festival-friendly by going for bright, happy hues.

Knit Sweater With Ruffle Hem, €39.95, Zara

A Powerbank: 

No one needs a dead phone at a festival, especially one that has crowds of 32,500 people where you could potentially lose your friends. This is why you need a portable charger and this particular one is wireless. Taking all the hassle out of leads and wires, simply put your phone in your bag next to the charger and it’ll give it extra power. We see this as an essential. 

Box 500mAh Qi Wireless Power Bank, €49, Harvey Norman

Your Ticket: Because there's always one - don't let it be you!

Main image by Ste Murray

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