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WIN: The New Multi-Purpose Skin Treatment...(In A Candle)

Selfcare, but make it lit.

We have not one, not two but 30 candles to give away!

Modern-day life can be a serious struggle.

Sweaty commutes, work presentations and even watching the news can all give your emotional well-being a bit of a battering, leaving you feeling distressed, tense and low.

But from essential oils to soothing bath salts, and sprays dedicated to aligning your chakras (don't knock it 'til you've tried it), there's one brand that I can promise will aid you in kicking anxiety, stress, bad moods and even insomnia to the kerb: Neom Organics. 

Launched in 2005 by former magazine editor Nicola Elliott, the wellbeing brand promotes sensory heaven through its aromatic candles, bath, body and skincare products. Its Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is a hero of the Neom range, a revolutionary product and my personal favourite for that it combines the aromatic room-scenting fragrance of a candle with a deeply nourishing skin treatment to use all over the body.

Originally created to use in the Neom wellbeing treatments, the candle creates a luxe experience, but also cuts down our time-consuming routines. Unlike hot wax that can burn you, these candles melt into a mixture of cosseting oils that nourish, soothe and aid weary, restless souls. Simply light the candle for about 30 minutes, take some time to focus on your breathing whilst inhaling the hard-working essential oils. Then, simply drizzle over your skin and massage in the deeply nourishing warm oils, treating yourself to those relaxing spa feels.

Available in Neom's signature scents; Real Luxury (de-stress) fragrance - an expert blend of 24 essential oils. And Tranquillity (sleep) which blends 19 pure essential oils. They help to relieve stress and help you prepare for a perfect night’s sleep. Packed with 100 per cent natural ingredients including rich cocoa butter, soya bean and almond oil, they're not irritating on the skin or overwhelming to your senses either. 

With 96.88% feeling more relaxed post-use and 96.83% claiming their skin was more nourished, it’s safe to say these therapeutic candles are backed by rave reviews – in fact, you’d struggle to find anything but 5* credentials. Plus, given it can regularly be reheated and reused, they get a huge thumbs up for their sustainability credentials and lack of product-waste. 

Want to give it a go? Neom has teamed up with Irish Tatler to offer not one, not two but 30 readers the chance to win an Intensive Skin Treatment Candle worth €43.

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Main image by @neomorganics on Instagram

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