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Joints Aching In The Cold? Read This

Loosen up.

Stop suffering. 

If you’re already feeling a little stiff, just wait - this is just the beginning. Winter is coming and with it comes stiff joints, bodily aches and pains. 

Joint pain is oftentimes a sign of injury or an underlying health condition. But cold weather joint pain can be a totally different beast. For some people, cold weather brings on a particular low-level joint pain or achiness.

Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself after a long December run, or heard someone comment that the weather is “making their knees ache.”

The idea of cold weather joint pain seems a bit far-fetched (thanks to your Auntie Mary who swears that their aching knee means that it's about to snow, or that their crampy shoulder signals rain), but it’s not just her imagination.

Research suggests that in colder weather, the body will conserve heat, and it will send more of the blood to the organs in the centre of the body, like the heart or the lungs. So, when that happens, the arms, legs, shoulders, knee joints, those blood vessels will constrict meaning that less blood flows around the joints making those areas colder and stiffer, which can cause discomfort and pain.

As winter approaches, our thoughts naturally focus on immune-boosting and staying healthy
through the colder months. But this year, we're adding in joint relief into the mix. 

How To Help

ZinCuFlex Ginger & Curcumin Complex is an all-in-one innovative food supplement that
helps to protect joints and maintain joint mobility. It contains a unique combination
of high potency extracts of ginger and curcumin with vitamin C - all of which contribute towards the normal function of bones and cartilage.

How it works

Ginger and curcumin (the active part of turmeric) in particular are well known for their benefits for joint health: Ginger helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness and curcumin helps to control inflammatory responses in the body. Vitamin C also plays an essential role, helping contribute to normal collagen formation and the function of bones and cartilage.

The ginger and curcumin in the ZinCuFlex complex are in highly bio-available forms to aid absorption. This means greater levels of active curcumin can be released to support joint, brain and overall immune health.

An All-Rounder

ZinCuFlex – which is gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs – also acts as a great all-rounder for general health. It helps promote general immunity, energy and vitality so you’ll feel like the best version of yourself, from the inside out.

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ZinCuFlex Ginger & Curcumin Complex (from €19.95) is available at and at pharmacies nationwide