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The Most Hated Wedding Trends Of 2019 Proves We’re All Truly Heartless

Unhappily ever after

The people have spoken, and they haven’t held back.

It seems mean spirited to bag on someone's big day, but let's face it – weddings can be kind of annoying.

From speeches that drag on for decades to hen parties that involve costumes and connecting flights, sometimes being invited to a wedding can seem like more of an inconvenience than an honour.

In 2019, weddings have gone into overdrive, now costing an average of €25,000 each and the more elaborate they become, the more we eye-roll at OTT invites and excruciating choreographed dances.

The bowl cut and the nightmarish low-rise jeans are unpleasant reminders that 2019 has had no shortage of questionable trends. Jumping onboard the carnage, Goldsmiths UK has surveyed 1000 people and compiled a list of the best and worst wedding trends to come out of 2019. It’s a time to reflect on what we got right, where we went wrong and what we should leave behind for good. 

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2019 was the year of the hashtag, so it makes sense that the most hated wedding trend was a gross misuse of our beloved millennial trademark. Coming in hot at 43.5% and taking out the top spot was complicated hashtags. Your names might be joined in holy matrimony but they certainly don't have to be mashed together in an unholy hashtag.

Hot on its tail at 37.2% was doughnut walls, followed by confusing poems in the invitation about gifts. It doesn’t matter if its in a fun haiku, you’re still asking us to fund your honeymoon to Mexico. Other hated trends included trash the dress, cake in the face photos, neon signs, coloured smoke and fake flower walls. Finally, in news that shocks absolutely nobody, choreographed dances also earned its rightful place in the bin.

But the blows just keep on coming. The survey also asked respondents to name and shame the Top 10 most disliked wedding trends in general. Among these were OTT invitations, venues in the middle of nowhere, bars you have to pay for and pets as ring bearers. That’s right, wedding guests don’t stan a daschund in a tuxedo, this is truly heartless stuff.

Perhaps the most surprising finding was that despite the fact that you know at least one guy who insisted on a three-day "epic" stag in Vegas, a fifth of men stated that they strongly dislike stag dos and would prefer not to partake at all – due to the ever-increasing costs (flights, hideous t-shirts, strippers) and the extravagances (and broken limbs) that often come with them. 

If you're planning a 2020 wedding, it might be worth taking a second glance over the guest list. You never know, your beloved bridal party might just take part in a brutal survey about your wedding afterwards.

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