Louis Vuitton's Latest Handbag Doubles up as a Smart Phone

One less thing to carry around

High fashion meets emerging tech

Just when you thought Louis Vuitton had reached the pinnacle of sartorial elegance, the haute couture brand went out and made what the Maison is calling the "Canvas of the Future", or more simply put, a handbag with flexible screens sewn into its sides. 

Making its debut at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 fashion show in New York (we'll come back to that later), the bag was described as “fusing cutting-edge technology with the Maison’s signature savoir-faire” as it includes the ability to display moving images while also “taking the form of some of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic bags.”

The handbags were produced using screens provided by Royole, whose FlexPai device is technically the first foldable smartphone in the world. There were two prototype handbags that walked the Louis Vuitton runway: one with a single screen and another with two, both of which displayed an array of colourful urban visualizations. However, in a video posted to Instagram, one of the bags could also be seen showing a pair of scrolling web browsers. Louis Vuitton says that the idea for the handbag is for it to become "an extension of the smartphone", which suggests there’s more functionality here than meets the eye.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the bag itself aside from it being available in both single and dual-screen styles, and that it boasts Louis Vuitton’s ubiquitous all-over print on the outside. There's no word on whether these high fashion-meets-emerging tech handbags will ever make it past their prototype stage. But if they ever do, don't expect them to be cheap - just remember that Louis Vuitton has wireless earbuds that cost just under €1,000. 

As for the show itself, the Louis Vuitton’s 2020 Cruise Collection show took place at the old TWA Flight Center at JFK airport. And if there were ever a place to debut a futuristic handbag with a flexible screen, a neo-futurist building that's been pretty much abandoned for the almost two decades is it. 

High fashion-meets-emerging tech handbags aside, the collection did have some other highlights: Expertly tailored pinstripe suits, satin bermuda shorts, low-heel Mary Janes and batwing tops - all confirming that the late 1980s are back.

Main image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Louis Vuitton

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