The Only Winners On Love Island Are The Ratings

The latest episode was more triggering than entertainment should be.

Sunrise, sunset. 

As a twenty-something-year-old woman of the world who has loved, lost and seen others do the same, watching repeated lashings of young and beautiful hopefuls having their confidence obliterated in real time has left the jaded romantic in me feeling a little heavy-hearted.

While the ITV flesh-fest has been nothing but midnight tickling and sparkling veneers up until this point, last night's recoupling divided opinion somewhat ferociously, triggering failed relationship PTSD for the show's some four million watchers.

Even those who've escaped relatively unscathed aren't out of the doghouse yet, with claims of tactical 'game playing' slung from those who've seen them at their keenest. Eliminated contestants Dennon Lewis, Stevie Bradley and Dan Rose all spoke candidly about new arrival Marvin Brooks, who they believe "changed strategy halfway through" to obtain a place in the Mallorca villa. 

Brooks entered the Love Island villa on the arm of one Maura Higgins on Tuesday night, almost wholly because the 29-year-old took a minute to ask the Ballymahon-native about her life outside of the villa. The bar is, admittedly, on the floor. 

The villain of Tuesday night's episode was undoubtedly Michael, of former Amber fame. His choice cause facial expressions never before seen in the villa, only topped by the cemented grin Amber braced herself with upon entering. 

It's a narrative any heterosexual woman will know all too well. That, paired with the show's hypersensitivity and oversaturated temptations was always going to break hearts. What's sad is that this isn't an isolated incident.

Earlier in the series, the inevitable departure of Meath's Yewande Biala was met by many with both a sigh of disappointment and relief. Though the lone black female contestant was gone, the show seemed to be in a position of no longer doubling up as an exercise in triggering. 

After watching her break down at the news that Danny, who she had been coupled up with for nearly two weeks, was no longer interested, women, and especially black women, watching had had enough. This happened in a different format once over when Danny's second romantic interest Arabella was booted out of the Mallorca hideout, only for her man to invite the next bright young thing into his bed almost immediately.

Women being repeatedly, to use the common vernacular 'mugged off', is the running theme in this year's series and, for some, it's coming far too close to the bone to enjoy. 

Finally, we come to the happy couple. Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague have come out of this recoupling fighting, with fans begging show producers to just 'give them the money now.'

Although even the parents of Ellie Belly aren't immune to criticism, with viewers growing more disdained with the couple's emotional reunion. The people aren't buying it, and it shows. But what's even worse is that viewers are craving authenticity in a world populated with young and hypebeasted media moguls. 

Models, influencers and Instagram stars make up the remaining islanders now, meaning that the delicious concept of a splashy career is doubtlessly on the mind of all those inhabit the villa. Thus tarnishing the whole system.

Long gone are the days when builders, call centre workers and nail technicians got their chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience, all vying for connection, adoration and finally, perhaps even real love - the alleged sole intention of the show's contestants. 

But now it's seemingly taking second fiddle, and the collective viewers are suffering for it. 

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