Through good times and bad

Through good times and badIMAGE: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Female friendship is a powerful thing. The inspiration for endless memes and quips about how friends are the constant while romantic partners may come and go, there is nevertheless something true and special at the heart of it.

From the ones you’ve had in your life since school, to the new acquaintances that quickly fast forward into fast friendships, they lift us up, keep us sane – and tell us to cop on when we lose the run ourselves.

In honour of Galentine's Day we asked some of the team to share stories of the gals in their lives and why they are so important to them.

Ann and Katie

Ann and Katie

When I started my career

Katie, Irish Studio Co-Ceo

"I have been incredibly lucky throughout my career to have amazing supporters and mentors (both men and women). I have a solid crew of ladies who are my constant confidantes and supporters of both my personal and professional life. I honestly wouldn't be who or where I am today without them.

One amazing woman stands out for me from the early days of my career. We met for a business meeting on Wednesday afternoon and that simple coffee turned into a fierce friendship of mutual support and constant championing of each other.

When I met Ann Corcoran first, she was a super-successful business owner and incredibly glam. She exuded confidence that I, in my early career could only dream of. But she also had a generosity of spirit that made me instantly warm to her.

As my career progressed, Ann has been a rock, a sounding board, and devil's advocate. I am so grateful to Ann for her listening ear, advice, friendship, the many laughs and tears we have shared over the years. We don't necessarily see each other all the time, but when we do its always the same - honest. I don't think you can ask for much more in a friendship.

Shauna and Ciara

Shauna and Ciara

When I had a baby (And another one. And another one.)

Shauna, Irish Tatler Editor

"It might take male plus female things to happen in order to make a baby, but in every hetero relationship there is at least one other essential female participant. In fact, I think it's probably many.

There's the un-babied gal, who can see squished newborns for what they really are but will never fail to show up and look at your baby like it's the most precious thing that ever existed. There's the one who calls by and absent-mindedly washes your dishes and folds tiny vests while you chat so that your house is cleaner when they leave and you didn't even notice.

The one who drags you on your first night out and force-feeds you G&Ts til your liver is back to its pre-babe state.The one who flies to NY Fashion Week with you and your baby on your first work trip back, so you don't have to leave your 8-month-old and can duck off to shows at intervals while she babysits... No? Just me? 

I guess that's why my sister, who is actually all of those pals above, will always be my best friend and forever Galentine."

Sarah and Barbara

Sarah and Barbara

When I got married

Sarah, Irish Tatler fashion editor/managing editor

"Strapping yourself to the front of the hurtling train that is getting married (in my case with ten weeks to plan, organise and join in not-so-holy matrimony) is not only daunting, rather it's akin to an out of body experience. You arrive home from work, to face another full time job. In one fell swoop, your life goes from bickering about what Netflix documentary to watch to an intensely heated debate about the distinction between vol-au-vents and all-butter pastry. And that's before you choose the wine list. 

It's a very lovely, yet – undeniably – stressful time.

Cue the WhatsApp group with my gal pals. A constant, gentle background track simmering with, 'How's it all going?', littered with supportive thumbs ups and, at other times, a roll-up-the-sleeves dig out when it's all going tits up. It was then that I called on one of my oldest friends to do me the ultimate favour – marry myself and my husband to be. And she did. However, it was the one wedding decision that saw no hesitation from either side of the bridal party. It's by far, the most thoughtful – and life changing – gesture of friendship anyone has ever given me, and it's a bond myself and Barbara will share forever, 'til death do we part."

Brenda, after signing for her house

Brenda, after signing for her house

When I bought a house

Brenda, Senior Editor

"When the big life events or challenges happen, more casual friendships move aside for a while and you’re left – hopefully – with the gang of people that will see you through. For me, outside of the help of my family, my friends were invaluable when I bought my home. The experience is as stressful as they say it is and I couldn’t have done it without them. Literally: a couple of them did many car trips with my life’s belongings crammed in to their Tardis-like vehicles!

I am surrounded by kind, funny, capable women who are there when I need them. The ones who encouraged me when the very idea of buying a home seemed impossible (and had taken me out of social circulation for about a year and a half. It’s an expensive business!). The ones who turned up to help without being asked – and still do. The ones who were almost happier for me than I was for myself when I got those keys. I am grateful to and for all of them."

Una and Laura

Una and Laura

When I moved to New York

Laura, Production Manager

"There was running joke amongst our NY friends group that Una and I were little more than frenemies. We had met on the first day of our Masters, but hadn’t interacted much throughout the year. As the story goes, she thought I was too cool for school and I shared a similar sentiment as she was the girl who smoked slimline cigarettes and dressed like Carrie Bradshaw with a corporate twist.

We both moved to New York on our lonesome with the goal of working in the big bad microcosm that is the NY fashion industry; and after a few character building weeks of job interviews and apartment hunting, we arranged to meet with the promise of a well-earned drink and a familiar face. The rest as they say is history, we’ve been inseparable ever since. My Galentine and friend in mischief, Una."  

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