The 20 Things Women In Their 50s Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves

Also, the age that women really got to know themselves is closer to 40.

Including sex gets better as you get older.

A nationwide study into the attitudes of older women in Britain has identified the things females only realise as they get older, with more than two thirds (68%) saying they wish they could tell their younger self not to waste their precious life.

According to the research carried out by menopause supplement Femal almost a quarter felt that life is too short to deny yourself carbs, while the same number of women advise to never to use sunbeds and 54% wish they had known to stop trying to be perfect, as it simply doesn’t exist.

37% felt that, although it will be tough, you will get through the menopause, while a third (30%) believe you should always trust your gut instinct when it comes to men. 

As many as 17% believe one of the most important pearls of wisdom is that sex does get better with age, while 55% felt as a woman, you should remember to appreciate the small things and be present in the moment.

Another nugget of wisdom is to always be financially independent (45%), look after your skin (41%), be confident in a bikini at any age (14%) and trust your gut when it comes to matters of men (31%) also made the list.

On top of this, almost all women (95%) believe wholeheartedly in the phrase “older and wiser".

The '50 milestone' is also one to be embraced rather than feared it seems, with 44% of those polled saying they felt happier and more confident in their 50s than they have at any other age. 

A third (36%) felt their friendships had improved as they got older, while 33% felt their relationships with the opposite sex had too. 

The survey also showed that on average women felt they really got to know themselves at 36.6 years old, and at 34.9 they had started to appreciate everything their mother had taught them.

In summary, the women surveyed summarised their points into twenty golden nuggets:

  1. Life is short so make the most of it - 68%
  2. Be present in the moment and appreciate the small things - 55%
  3. Perfection does not exist, so stop striving for it - 54%
  4. Nothing is more important than family - 50%
  5. Plan for the future - 50%
  6. Always be financially independent - 45%
  7. Look after your skin - 41%
  8. You will get through the menopause - 37%
  9. Material things do not matter - 35%
  10. Trust your gut feelings when it comes to men - 31%
  11. Always use your right to vote - 30%
  12. You are never too old to wear your hair long - 25%
  13. Life is too short to deny yourself carbs - 22%
  14. Never use sunbeds - 22%
  15. Always put friendships before romance - 21%
  16. Sex DOES better with age - 17%
  17. Be confident in a bikini at any age - 14%
  18. You will become more stylish in your fifties - 9%
  19. Second marriages are usually better - 6%
  20. When the children leave home, you get your marriage back - 6%

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