Wearing make-up has been mandatory for women until now.

Aer Lingus staff have been freed from previous beauty standards as the airline has ditched its historical rule obliging female members of cabin crew to wear make-up while on duty.

According to The Timesthe wearing of make-up for female crew at work was obligatory until now. 

The airline has said that new guidelines would no longer include mandatory use of make-up, for the first time ever. The option of trousers instead of skirts will also be offered to women working on board the Irish airline’s fleet from now on, too.

The change follows a similar move by Virgin Atlantic this week who also lifted an on-duty make-up rule for female employees. The airline is also introducing trousers as part of the standard uniform for women, instead of providing them only on request and an on a “case by case” basis.

The new moves – although they may not appear most progressive – are welcomed in an industry that has, as recently as 2015, seen an airline reportedly fire female staff who got pregnant or had tattoos.

2016 also brought the Ryanair Bikini Girl Cabin Crew Calendar, which was met with raucous disappointment. 

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