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ASOS Now Lets You See The Same Items Of Clothing On Different Sized Models


Thanks to the helpful new sizing comparisons, we’ll never have to order the same pair of jeans in multiple sizes again.

Anyone who buys clothes online without trying them on beforehand will know about the frequent disconnect between the way a garment looks on a professional model compared to how it might look on an (equally beautiful but differently-shaped) normal human body.

Unfortunately, because most websites only hire certain kinds of bodies to model their clothes on the internet, returning ill-fitting clothing has become an everyday chore for many of us who like to shop. But ASOS' game-changing latest move could cut the number of lunchtimes you end up wasting in the Post Office line.

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The online retailer has already made great strides towards body positivity and inclusivity and has long been a trailblazer for sustainability within the fashion industry. Now, it's showing what the same clothes will look like on different-sized models, giving shoppers a better idea of how a garment will fit their bodies.

The revolutionary move comes in collaboration with Israeli AR company ZeekitUsing augmented reality (AR) technology, ASOS will now give you a 'See My Fit' option which is currently being trialled on desktop only (not on the ASOS app).

A pop-out box then appears on the screen, with 16 different options to view, although it's worth noting that the images are digitally created and not shot in real-life. The new tool is currently only available on 800 different dresses, which you can view on the 'See My Fit' section of the ASOS website.

The sizes range from UK size 4 to size 18. What's more, most sizes have the option of viewing the dress on models at different heights from 5″1 to 5″11. 

ASOS are yet to release a statement but a Twitter user tweeted the life-changing news and thank god she did.

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