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Just Every Single Photo Of *THAT* Backstage Moment Between Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt


Is this the greatest thing to have ever happened? Yes.

It's been a long time since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were Hollywood's golden couple, but seeing them both at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday made it feel like 2002 all over again. 

The exes, who were married from 2000 to 2005, both took home awards during the show — Pitt for his role as Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Aniston for her performance in the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. During Pitt went so far as to joke about the failed marriage in his winner’s speech.

“It was a hard part,” he said of his role as Cliff, a chilled-out stuntman. “Someone who gets high, takes off his shirt and doesn’t get along with his wife.” The cameraman then panned to a slightly grinning Aniston, who then clapped her hands together twice.

When it was Aniston's turn to accept her award, she steered clear of the topic, instead bringing up another male Hollywood A-lister: Adam Sandler. Her Murder Mystery co-star is at the top of most “snubbed” lists after failing to score SAG and Oscar nods for his acclaimed turn in Uncut Gems.

“Adam Sandler, your performance is extraordinary and your magic is real, buddy,” she said before leaving the stage. “I love you.”

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However, while Jen was on stage giving her own acceptance speech, Brad was photographed watching her give thanks proving that maybe we do deserve nice things. 

But there's one moment that we, the internet and presumably everyone you've ever known cannot stop talking about is the backstage moment the couple shared where they were snapped congratulating each other for their respective wins of the night.

If you're wondering what the two winners — who dated and were married for several years — said to one another, it probably wasn't much more than smiles and congratulations. According to timestamps for the photos, the images were taken only tenths of a second apart. Pitt and Aniston first ran into each other backstage where they were all smiles at 6:09:18 p.m. PT. The photos of Aniston departing were both taken at 6:09:22 p.m. PT. 

Although short, we cannot and will not get enough. So much so that we've rounded up every image there is from that exact moment Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt shared backstage. 


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