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How Brexit Will Negatively Impact Online Shopping

A new report has highlighted the potential impact of Brexit on online shoppers' rights.

Online shoppers within the EU will face significant charges to their rights following Brexit, should they buy from UK-based companies. 

EU online shoppers enjoy a range of rights under EU consumer legislation including a cooling-off period, which gives you the freedom to change your mind after you have made a purchase.

These rules don't just apply to online shopping but also cover other distance purchases, such as those placed by phone or mail order.

An August report published by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) shows that 72% of Irish people have shopped online from a company based in the UK in the past two years.

Of these, two in five (40%) have returned items to online UK sellers. 

Although, from 31 January. rights like this one, along with many others, may not be guaranteed. 

Meaning that the right to a change of mind, to clear your information, to refund for delayed or non-delivery or to redress in case of faulty goods might affect online shoppers purchasing from the UK. 

31% of people surveyed reported that they will change their shopping habits as a result of Brexit, with plans to buy from websites in other EU countries in lieu of UK sites. 

Apart from losing some rights, buying from UK-based vendors could also mean a higher tax payment, like customs and excise duty and VAT.

Over the next six weeks, a campaign informing consumers will be rolled out, and more information is available on

More tips for shopping safe online can be found here.

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