Chrissy and husband John Legend at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars party

Chrissy and husband John Legend at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars partyIMAGE: Getty

Opinionated, outspoken, and downright hilarious, Chrissy Teigen has a devoted online following and a hugely successful career as a model, presenter and author. She also happens to be married to singer John Legend.

A side effect of being such high profile pairing has been noted by Chrissy on Twitter and it is something many women could relate to, famous or otherwise. She has called out the media for frequently asking her husband about her in interviews. Or, more to the point, asking - and implying that she’s the sort of woman that needs to be “handled”, what with all her personality and opinions.

She tweeted:

While it sounds like John is well able to deal with such questions, as Chrissy points out they reduce her to being less than her own person. The implication is that he is responsible for her, and it’s not a 50/50 partnership.

There is more than a little an undercurrent of sexism in such questions. As Chrissy noted, similar questions about John aren’t asked of her.

Chrissy and John are often hailed as #couplegoals for their evident affection for each other – and relatable real-life couple moments shared online. (Chrissy keeping John out of her way during an Oscars red carpet photo call is just one!).

When presenting Chrissy with a Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year award in 2018 John noted that he is often stopped by people to tell him they love his wife, rather than they love his music. He’s clearly more than happy to support his wife – and more than happy to talk about her, too. But, we suspect, both he and his wife know exactly what's up when Chrissy is mentioned in interviews. And by Chrissy drawing attention to it, perhaps it will help to change the conversation a little. 

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