By now, the success story of Chupi Sweetman’s affordable luxury jewellery brand, Chupi, is a well-known one, as is the tale of her remarkable scouting by Topshop at age 21…But did you know she was also a cookbook writer? Chupi is indeed a woman of many talents, whose endeavours have been met with praise both in Ireland and abroad.

From the spark of an idea in 2013 to today’s team of 23 people with multiple awards under their belts (such as The 2018 Retail Jeweller UK Jewellery Awards Entrepreneurial Spirit Award or The 2017 Irish Made Awards by Irish Country Magazine) the Chupi brand and its founder have become synonymous with elegant, high-quality, nature-inspired designs and a business plan based on celebrating memories, past and future.

When Chupi quit her position as Topshop’s youngest designer and cleared her bank account savings to start her own jewellery brand, she was met by recalcitrant opinions: jewellery was made in China, not in Ireland, and this was a doomed move. Chupi’s fans, from London to Japan (some of them making the trip just to collect their bespoke engagement rings – one of Chupi’s trademarks) would beg to differ. At the root of her success is a (Wicklow) mountain-moving passion for sparkles and, perhaps even importantly, for bringing joy to people. In her own words, the designer’s favourite part of being at the head of a jewellery brand is her ability to engage with customers and to get to be part of their special occasions.

 Chupi Sweetman’s jewellery pieces and brand reflect the Irish gift for story-telling. With every single piece crafted with its future as a beloved heirloom in mind, Chupi celebrates passion, love and brings that magic spark(le) to her customers’ everyday lives.

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