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A Musical Of Princess Diana's Life Is Coming To Broadway

The story of Lady Spencer's life is being retold, yet again, in an American musical which has just finished premiering

Nearly 22 years after her death, a stage musical about Princess Diana's life is to hit Broadway next year.

Simply titled Diana, the show is billed as the story of the woman who "rocked the Royals" and "as a result became timeless".

The show is currently premiering at La Jolla Playhouse in California, with plans to move to Broadway after further workshopping. It has music by Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan, who won two Tony Awards for his stage show Memphis in 2010.

In a review of Diana's pre-Broadway run in San Diego, the Los Angeles Times said the show was "no more British than The Real Housewives of New Jersey".

The lead role is taken by Jeanna de Waal, who has previously appeared in American Idiot and Kinky Boots on Broadway.

Speaking about the late princess, the actress said: "She made everyone feel special, from the highest person to the lowest ranking person, and I think we want to celebrate her."

Playing Charles is Roe Hartrampf, while Erin Davie plays Parker Bowles and Tony Award winner Judy Kaye plays the Queen.

In the director’s seat is Come From Away Tony Award winner Christopher Ashley, with a score from Bon Jovi’s David Bryan. So impressive names all round, then. 

The show follows her relationship with Charles and the rest of the royals (featuring an in-depth detailing of his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and some of the fallout from that) while also focusing on a lot of her personal achievements, such as addressing the AIDS crisis and the relationship with her sons. 

Initial reviews outline that more work needs to be done before the production becomes Broadway ready, with The Hollywood Reporter writing: “Despite its flaws — and there are many that need to be worked out before this show goes any further — there is an earnestness about Diana.”

Currently no dates or tickets have been released, but watch this space. 

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