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Finding Freedom – The Tell-All Book About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry – Drops Today

The wait is over.

The book reveals previously unknown details about royal life, such as the clothes the couple were advised not to wear as well as the highly-charged background stories behind some of the family's biggest events. 

The hotly-anticipated new biography of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family is available to purchase from today. 

Promising to debunk misconceptions and rumours while revealing unknown details about the Sussexes life together, Finding Freedom has been billed as ‘the true story of Harry and Meghan’, revealing hitherto ‘unknown details’.

So, what are some of these previously clandestine details – and what should be expect?

1. Readers will learn how exactly the couple came to meet

Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand – who remain adamant that neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle were involved in the writing process – penned that on 1 July 2016, before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met for the first time at Soho House, Meghan told a friend about the upcoming blind date.

The book says she met with her London-based agent, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, a restaurant in the capital and over lunch told her about the planned meet-up that evening.

The pair had been friends for two years, and Meghan trusted Gina, reportedly telling her: “I’m sure you know him. It’s Prince Harry.”

According to the authors, Gina asked her friend immediately: “Do you know what you’re letting yourself in for?” To which, Meghan replied: “Well it’s going to be an experience … and at least it will be a fun night.”

2. For the first time, we learn of the speech Meghan gave at the couple's wedding

Ever one to bunk tradition, Meghan Markle made a speech at the couple's 2018 wedding. 

In a departure from typical Royal Wedding precedent, where the best man, the host and sometimes the groom give a speech, the book reveals that Meghan gave a toast. Us Weekly reported at the time that Meghan thanked her mother, as well Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall for welcoming her into the family.

And contrary to any idea that the speech might have alarmed the Queen, she would likely have heartily approved of the move – having spoken a few words herself at her own wedding to Prince Philip, back in 1947.

3. We discover the details of the rumoured rift between Meghan and Kate

Royal reporter Omid Scobie has alluded to the two women's jagged relationship in the past, but speaking on Good Morning America ahead of the book's launch, more details were revealed than ever before. 

"These are two women that really have very little in common," he said. "I think being a newcomer and knowing that Kate was once a newcomer, I think there were times where she, from speaking to sources, knew that Meghan felt that she could of or needed a little bit more support from Kate and didn't get it in some of those important moments."

Although Kate and William were said to be "absolutely thrilled" at the announcement of Meghan and Harry's engagement, things began to turn soon after. 

At one point, Kensington Palace even shut down a report by The Sun that claimed Kate told Meghan not to berate her staff, with the Palace noting, "This never happened."

The publication also reported Kate broke down in tears at a fitting for Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid's dress ahead of Meghan and Harry's wedding. But when asked if the report about Kate breaking down at the wedding was true, Scobie said it "couldn't be further from the truth." 

4. The details of William and Harry's current relationship

While Harry has alluded to the fact that he and his brother have fallen out in the past, Scobie also wanted to touch upon it in the book. 

"I felt it was important to really dive into this in the book because we had seen Meghan and Kate really blamed for almost driving a wedge between them," he said. "You know, they're both men in their 30s and Harry not wanting to play that role of sort of the younger, more subservient brother anymore."

5. And finally, Meghan's situation with her father Thomas Markle

Over more than two chapters, Finding Freedom goes into great detail about the breakdown of Meghan’s relationship with her father and everything that happened in the lead-up to her wedding, which he did not attend.

Now, two years later, the book says, Meghan no longer recognises Markle as “the man who raised her.”

According to Finding Freedom, when Archie was born, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland texted her ex-husband to tell him the news. “[Meghan] did not want him to find out after the rest of the world. But she didn’t want to know whether her father replied to her mother’s text,” the book states.

Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family will be published in Britain and the Commonwealth on August 11.

The book will be published in the US the same day by HarperCollins-owned Dey Street Books.

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