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2019 Is Saved: Harry Styles Has New Music Out

The international heartthrob and Gucci muse has released the highly-anticipated new song and video for “Lights Up”, which serves as the lead single for Styles' forthcoming sophomore album.

Harry Styles has 2019 firmly in the palm of his hand.

Nearly two years after his debut solo album, the 25-year-old is releasing some new music.

The new single, “Lights Up,” dropped Thursday night after a series of mysterious posters began popping up around London and New York with the caption “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?”

Despite not mentioning Styles by name, the billboards did include the phrase “TPWK,” an abbreviation that corresponds with Styles’ tour merchandise wording (“treat people with kindness”) in addition to the Columbia Records logo.

Fans have deduced that it must be the name of his forthcoming album.

The dreamy single – which errs on the side of Tame Impala or early Justin Timberlake – features a shirtless Harry at a beachside bacchanal where he dances with other drenched, barely-clothed people. 

The song is a bit of a departure from Styles’ debut, which followed an unexpectedly early ’70s sound that at times recalled Elton John. 

The singer's team have not yet released details about his fourth studio album's release, fans are hopeful for one by the end of the year. 

Main image by @harrystyles

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