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Our Editorial Team's Reaction To Waking Up To Harry Styles On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Editorial team is code for Harry Styles fan club.

September 3 can’t come soon enough!

Today started like any other day: I hit the snooze button four times, applied a bucket load of concealer in an attempt to cover up my dark circles, walked out the door five minutes later as I put on my shoes and snacked on a slice of toast - all while checking the emails on my phones. Safe to say, I am not a morning person. 

But then, just as I hit 'reply all' to an email, an Instagram notification came through from none other than my editor, Amy. I opened up the DM expecting a witty meme but what I saw was even better: Harry Styles, the musician turned actor turned Gucci muse has gone and done a fresh magazine shoot.

I immediately checked Twitter and boy is the fandom hot under the collar. 

And when I say fandom, I include the vast majority of the Irish Tatler editorial team. Therefore, we too, are hot under the collar. 

With only his shirtless torso, a gold chain and his Cheshire Cat grin taking centre stage on the cover, the 25-year-old looks set to talk about some eyebrow-raising topics in the music magazine.

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According to the headline, we’re talking: ‘Sex, psychedelics, and the secrets of stardom…’

The magazine gave us all a teaser of what’s to come as it shared the cover to Instagram late last night. "Here’s a first look at our upcoming cover featuring Harry Styles," the caption read. "You can pick it up on newsstands September 3rd. Photograph by @ryanmcginleystudios."

And, oh we will.

In the meantime, keep scrolling for the exact reaction each of the Irish Tatler editorial team had after seeing THAT cover.

Excuse us while we go for a lie-down.  

Amy Heffernan, Editor of

"I'm a far cry from a Harry Styles stan - but much like a music genre that's outside of my personal taste or a much-hyped certain Quentin Tarantino movie, I didn't quite understand - I appreciate the art behind this Rolling Stone cover. I think I enjoy it more knowing how crazy the actual Harry Styles stans are going to go on seeing it!

From Sienna Miller for Love magazine to Queen Kate Moss on her 40th British Vogue cover, I've had my own share of unforgettable magazine covers, and while this will be top of the list for many, it won't quite make my bookshelf. No offence Hazza."

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Brenda McCormick, Managing Editor

"My first thought upon seeing the Rolling Stones cover was 'Holy.God.' swiftly followed by, 'Emma B (Irish Tatler's resident HS expert) will be thrilled.'

Yes, I may be many years older than him but the fella has charisma in spades and, much to my surprise, I loved his first solo album. But, hey, if he's besties with Stevie Nicks, I'm in good company..."

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Kate Demolder, staff writer 

"My immediate reaction was 'EMMA' (given the obsession) but then it was 'dimples', 'tan' and 'eyes' in swift succession. I have lost a large chunk of the morning by gazing at the cover and have no plans on stopping."

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Emma Blanchfield, content creator

"Holy. Harry. Styles. 

Anyone who knows me - or follows me on Instagram - can attest to the fact that mine and Harry's relationship has been going through quite the rough patch. First, there was the Instagram hiatus. Then, there were the 'dating a supermodel' rumours and just recently there was the whole turning down the role of Prince Eric. But after seeing this cover, well, all is forgiven. 

That smile, those nipples and a headline discussing climate change on the same cover...*chef's kiss.* One day Harry Styles will stop leaving me speechless. Today is not that day."

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Donna McCarthy, editorial assistant

"Living in blissful ignorance did not treat me favourably today having been the last person invited to the celebration of Harry Style's Rolling Stones cover.

Usually, I lose interest in the daily pop culture chase with no harm done, but my goodness am I irked that my attention span couldn't hold out a little bit longer. Seeing Harry Style's cheeky smile and collection of tattoos against a backdrop of a hazy, tropical beach sparked a sense of nostalgia within me. His charming expression is reminiscent of teenage Harry circa the days of One Direction where we all had a favourite (team Harry all the way!).

Props to Rolling Stones for the aesthetically perfect cover, although I am unsure whether or not to buy it. I feel having a mesmerising magazine solely just to stare at the cover could defeat the purpose."

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Main image by Rolling Stone

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