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Harry Styles Will Perform Double Duty On SNL – And I Need To Lie Down


Happy Thursday to whatever SNL producer made this happen.

Just when I thought I was in peak Harry Styles heaven thanks to his sultry new single and video "Lights Up," the love of my life singer is about to take things to the next level: He's hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 16.

On Twitter today, Harry Styles announced that he’s signed on to pull double duty as host and the musical guest next month on November 16.  

And as much as I'd like to believe Harry Styles is making history, he isn't the first musician to pull double duty this season. Chance the Rapper will also be serving as both musical guest and host on Oct. 26. 

This will mark Styles' fifth time on SNL, his second as a solo artist. Styles first took the SNL stage with One Direction in 2012, performing with the group again in 2013 and 2014. Though Styles had a chance to flex his funny bone in a talk show sketch during 1D's 2014 appearance, he further showed off his comedic abilities with a hilarious (and spot-on) Mick Jagger impression when he performed solo in 2017.

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If I was to guess, Harry will sing "Lights Up" in his double-duty SNL appearance, and if his latest cryptic tweet means anything, it seems he may also perform a song called "Watermelon Sugar."

Two days ago, Styles tweeted "Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run," and knowing Harry like I think I do...this is him teasing his next release. Here's hoping we find out by Nov. 16. As for the sketches, I can only hope SNL let his real comedic chops shine.

But for now, I'm setting my Out of Office as I need to go for a lie down with the wonderful, wonderful news. 

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