A reported $1 million (in cash) later, Weinstein is out on bail.

A reported $1 million (in cash) later, Weinstein is out on bail. Instagram: @rutlman

Fallen film producer Harvey Weinstein has been charged with rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women. 

Weinstein surrendered himself to authorities in New York today, almost eight months after his career imploded, following the accusations of sexual misconduct made against him by scores of women. The New York Police Department disclosed that he was due to be arraigned later today regardless. 

An NYPD law enforcement official told press that the criminal sex act charges stem from a 2004 encounter between Weinstein and an aspiring actress. She has said he forced her to perform oral sex. The official says the rape charge relates to a woman who has not spoken publicly. (The official spoke anonymously and wasn’t actually authorised to discuss the case.)

Photographs show Weinstein arriving at the at the police station in lower Manhattan at 11.30am GMT and again later, smiling for the cameras, as he was escorted out the station in handcuffs.

Harvey Weinstein is in police custody on rape charges. The Hollywood mogul turned himself in this morning to be arrested by New York City detectives on charges that he raped 1 woman and forced another to perform oral sex on him. (Follow @jodikantor, who is in the courtroom, for updates.) Around 7:30 a.m., he walked glumly into a police station house in Lower Manhattan, flanked by several detectives. Toting 3 large books under his right arm, he looked up without saying a word as a crush of reporters and onlookers yelled, “Harvey!” With camera shutters clicking closed — and reporters shouting questions, the scene was a mirror image of the red carpets where #HarveyWeinstein presided for decades as a movie mogul and king of Hollywood. But after years of harnessing his wealth and his influence in the movie industry to enforce a code of silence around his predatory behavior, and after withstanding an investigation into groping allegations only three years ago, he faced the first criminal charges in a monthslong investigation into his conduct. @heislerphoto captured this scene this morning. Visit the link in our profile and follow @jodikantor to read more.

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Weinstein has denied committing any non-consensual sex acts and he is now out on bail, wearing a monitoring device and with his travel restricted. The New York Times is reporting that bail would likely to have been set as upwards of $1 million. 

More than 70 women have accused the co-founder of the Miramax film studio of sexual misconduct, including rape, with some allegations dating back decades. 

The allegations against the former film producer gave rise to the #MeToo movement, through which hundreds of women have found the bravery to come forward with similar cases of sexual mistreatment by powerful men in business, government and entertainment. Morgan Freeman is the latest high profile person to have had accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct made against him. 

Actresses including Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie say they were sexually harassed by Weinstein. A few, including Asia Argento and Rose McGowan, said they were raped.

In light of today's developments, Weinstein's accusers have taken to twitter to welcome the charges. 

Harvey Weinstein's spokesperson Juda Engelmayer and his lawyer Benjamin Brafman have both declined to comment on the charges.

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