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Hazel Chu Is Set To Be The New Lord Mayor Of Dublin

Chu has been outspoken in the topics of diversity, environmental awareness and progression within local and national societies.

Dublin's new Lord Mayor is expected to be Hazel Chu of the Green Party when the election is held next Monday.

According to RTÉ, Councillor Chu is due to take over from Tom Brabazon of Fianna Fáil when a vote is taken at the council's annual meeting.

"Hopefully other councillors will support me and work together cross-party over the coming year," she said.

Chu was elected as a councillor for the Pembroke Ward for the first time in the 2019 Local Election, topping the poll with 33.1% first preference votes – the highest percentage vote a first time candidate has ever recorded in a local election in the country.

The qualified barrister, originally from Firhouse, also became the first Irish-born person of Chinese descent to be elected to political office in Ireland.

She was elected Green Party Chairperson in November 2019 and also serves as the party's Spokesperson for Enterprise.

As per the Dublin Agreement drawn up with Fianna Fáil, Labour and the Social Democrats, it is the Green Party's turn to take over the position of Lord Mayor.

Current Lord Mayor Brabazon took over the position when party colleague Paul McAuliffe was elected a TD at the 2020 General Election.

Responding to the news on Twitter, Chu said news of her potential new position "is not a done deal."

"I would like to add to the quote that it's all my council colleagues votes I would like next Monday 29th and I will be asking for them in the coming days," she wrote.

The role Lord Mayor is of a local and international ambassador and as the first citizen of Dublin. During their term of office, the Lord Mayor lives and works in the official residence on Dawson Street, the Mansion House. 

Hazel Chu would be the ninth female Lord Mayor of Dublin, the first being in 1939 when Caitlín Bean Uí Chléirigh was elected. The latest female Lord Mayor of Dublin is Críona Ní Dhálaigh who was elected Lord Mayor in 2015.

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