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You Have Less Than 24 Hours To Ensure You Are Registered To Vote – Here's How To Do It

Voters whose details are not listed are advised to contact their local authority and to see if they are on the supplementary register of electors.

Housing and Local Government Minister Eoghan Murphy has urged members of the public to ensure they are registered to vote by the 22 January. 

“It is up to each of us as individuals to ensure we are correctly registered to vote and the best way to do that is to check directly with the relevant local authority,” Murphy said in a statement.

Those who are registered will appear on the Register of Electors which will apply for the upcoming General Election, along with the supplementary register. 

Anyone over 18 and resident in Ireland is urged to check online here to ensure their details are on the 2019-2020 register. The public can also check with their local authority. 

Those not on the supplementary register are advised to download the relevant form from, or collect it from their local authority, and then bring it with photo ID to their local Garda station and have it signed in the presence of a member of the force, who will then stamp the form.

These forms must then be returned to the local authority on or before the close of business on 22 January.

At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the Government also approved draft legislation that aims to reform the electoral registration process.

It is hoped that this legislation will resolve issues found within the system in future, as a rolling register is set to replace the current system. 

It proposes to change the identity verification process as well as an online registration system, which will mean that the need for most people to visit a Garda station to have their form stamped will be eliminated, thus making it easier to vote. 

“While I appreciate that this is of little comfort to those who may be inconvenienced in registering for this election, substantial progress has been made towards a modernised process," Murphy said.

What To Do 

- If you're not registered to vote: Don't panic - you can still get on the supplementary register if you submit an RFA2 form by tomorrow. Just print the form here, fill it out, and bring it to a Garda station to be stamped with either your passport or driving licence. Then, bring the stamped form to your local county council by close of business tomorrow, January 22.

- If your name doesn't show up on the register, despite having voted in 2019: Depending on when you registered last year, you should have automatically been included on the register, however, because of the proximity of next month's General Election, this may not be the case. Our advice would be to contact your local council ASAP. 

- If you've moved house and need to change your address on the register: If you want to vote in a different constituency to the one you're currently registered in, you'll need to print and fill out an RFA3 form (download here) and bring it to a Garda station to be stamped. Bring your passport or drivers licence with you. Then, bring the stamped form to your county council before close of business on January 22.

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