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The Healing Power of Crystals – Fact or Fallacy?

Let's get spiritual.

Created over millennia, healing crystals are said to harness the life-giving elements of the Earth and the universe.

It's by utilising this energy that crystals are able to replenish energies or boost creative juices when worn, carried, or positioned in particular places.

Many wonder if crystals boast bonafide healing powers, and while there are many anecdotes describing the curative effects of healing stones, it really depends on your own experience.

However, the beauty of crystals is their versatility in practice.

Different crystals have different properties that, in turn, have different energies.

Each colour corresponds with one of the seven chakras and influences the energy ruled by that chakra.

For example, a green crystal-like fluorite affects the heart chakra, which deals with love, empathy, and relationships. Stones that lie in between colours impact multiple chakras.

Meanwhile, black, white, and pink crystals offer blanket protection, clarity, and love, respectively. 

In addition, crystals have attributes that align with the twelve astrological signs. Think of crystals as a support system that feeds energy back into your life.

"Healing crystals connect you with the nurturing energy of the Earth. Astrology aligns you with the mystical and ever-changing movement of the cosmos," Crystal expert and holistic healer Heather Askinosie told Bustle

"When you bring the two together, a journey of self-discovery begins."

The two tools work together in perfect symbiosis: Astrology is there to teach you about yourself, and then crystal healing can help you enhance your natural gifts and talents.

Together, they serve as a great way to work with your personal energy and grow.

  • Selenite — This clear crystal is best placed in your room/wardrobe to help cleanse your belongings of old and negative energy
  • Black Tourmaline — This black gem is best kept under your bed or by your nightstand for grounding and protection
  • Scolecite — This opaque white stone is also best around your resting place and known for facilitating peaceful rest
  • Citrine — Bring this orange-hued crystal to work as it’s known for summoning business and financial success into one’s life
  • Amethyst — This purple stone can help deflect negative co-workers and their influences
  • Rose Quartz — Synonymous with love and light, this light pink gem is best worn around your neck or in your bag, bra or pocket to help bring you self-acceptance and support throughout the day

To find out which crystal goes best with your astrological sign, click here

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