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Instagram Will Now Make Trolls Think Twice Before Publishing Mean Comments

Now, when someone writes a caption on a feed post, Instagram’s AI will detect any language that could potentially be read as “offensive.”

Instagram has announced its latest effort to stamp out online bullying on its platform.

The social media giant will, from now on, be monitoring the wording of posts and send warnings to users when the captions they are about to post could see them reported. 

Users will begin to receive warnings when captions for their posts could be considered offensive or insulting.

While the offensive words will still be sharable, the warning will suggest that users make an edit in order to foster a more supportive environment on the platform.

As far as what qualifies as “offensive language,” Instagram has penned down what exactly they're looking to avoid in their Community Guidelines

The AI used to combat online bullying will identify language that's previously violated the guidelines as well as words and phrases that have been banned by the network before. 

"Instagram is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups," according to guidelines.

"Offering sexual services, buying or selling firearms, alcohol, and tobacco products between private individuals, and buying or selling illegal or prescription drugs (even if legal in your region) are also not allowed.

"Instagram also prohibits the sale of live animals between private individuals, though brick-and-mortar stores may offer these sales. No one may coordinate poaching or selling of endangered species or their parts."

According to an Instagram press release, the platform also hopes the new feature will be an educational tool. By warning users about their language, it can make them more aware of the platform's rules.

The feature will be launched in select countries from Monday and will expand globally starting in the new year.

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